Strengthening Support for Vietnamese People in Japan: Government Initiative

Vietnamese living in Japan face numerous challenges, requiring the improvement of matters such as visas, taxes, and community building in order to create a positive environment for them to live, study, and work.

Creating Favorable Conditions For Vietnamese People in Japan
Do Quang Ba, chairman of Vietnam-Japan International Exchange Organization.

Do Quang Ba, chairman of Vietnam-Japan International Exchange Organization: Need to solve visa and tax issues

Regarding visas, currently, Vietnam exempts visas for Japanese people when entering Vietnam. I hope Japan also exempts visas for Vietnamese people when entering Japan. This is to increase solidarity, expand exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, as well as demonstrate the strategic partnership of the two sides.

Regarding tax, Vietnamese students who work part-time face income tax deductions. The tax rate for income tax of international students when working part-time in the first year in Japan is 20.42%. From the second year onwards, the Vietnamese are entitled to the same tax rates as the Japanese. I recommend that the Governments of Vietnam and Japan find a solution to exempt income tax for Vietnamese students, similar to students from China, the RoK, and Thailand.

Regarding labor export, stricter measures should be implemented in training and selecting Vietnamese workers before sending them to Japan. It is necessary to bring in skilled workers and international students with basic foreign language skills.

Creating Favorable Conditions For Vietnamese People in Japan
Ngo Minh Quan, head of Vietnamese Youth & Student Association in Osaka (VYSA-Osaka).

Vietnamese companies should incorporate Japanese legal education into their training programs.

On the Japanese side, authorities should monitor Japanese labor unions and prioritize the interests of Vietnamese workers in their recruitment and policies.

Ngo Minh Quan, head of the Vietnamese Youth & Student Association in Osaka (VYSA-Osaka): Japan needs to strengthen the provision of information to the Vietnamese community

Japan should support community groups like the Youth Union and the Vietnamese Association by providing necessary information on employment, residence, education, health, and other life-related matters. This includes information about Japanese culture, history, art, and entertainment activities for the Vietnamese community to learn about. We hope that Japan will facilitate cultural activities and enhance information exchange between the Vietnamese and Japanese communities.

Rosie Nguyen