According to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Hanoi, although there is a lot of potential to attract European and Asian tourists, Vietnamese tourists still know little about Sri Lanka.

In order to attract more Vietnamese tourists, on March 13, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Agency and the Hanoi Travel Association organised the first famtrip for 13 travel agencies of Vietnam, helping them learn more about the destination of Sri Lanka and thereby build attractive tourism programmes for Vietnamese tourists in the coming time.

Assessing the potential destination of Sri Lanka and its ability to attract Vietnamese tourists, Director of Vietrantour Travel Company Nguyen Thi Huyen said that Sri Lanka is a rich cultural destination, attractive not only by spiritual tourism with many heritages and Buddhist works, but also by wild nature and beautiful landscapes.

Yala National Park is a wild nature discovery destination that is loved by many international tourists when coming to Sri Lanka.

Regarding current entry and exit policies when travelling to Sri Lanka, Vice President of Hanoi Travel Association and Director of Pattours Travel Company Vu Giang Bien said that Sri Lanka has welcomed international visitors from October 2021 with fairly easy and simple visa procedures.

Visitors only need to have a "vaccine passport", proving that they have had two full doses of COVID-19 vaccine, and make an online medical declaration to be able to enter and travel in Sri Lanka.

Currently, the biggest limitation when travelling to Sri Lanka is that there are no direct flights from Vietnam, requiring transit at airports in Singapore or Thailand. However, procedures and travel itineraries are also being facilitated for tourists.

According to the Hanoi Travel Association, after the famtrip of connecting tourism with Sri Lanka, the units are building new tourism products to the Sri Lanka, focusing on the following product lines: Central tourism spirituality, resort tourism, wildlife discovery tourism.

Current tour packages come in two types: six-day tours priced at 29.9 million VND and eight-day tours priced at 37.9 million VND. Guests will experience famous heritage destinations as well as stay at 4-5 star hotels in Sri Lanka.