Special Lunar New Year Event for Vietnamese Students in Singapore

The objective of this year's Tet event is to preserve, disseminate, and enhance the traditional cultural charm of the Vietnamese community, particularly among young individuals in Singapore.


A gathering of over 100 Vietnamese students studying in Singapore took place at the Embassy of Vietnam on January 28 to celebrate the upcoming Year of the Dragon 2024, as reported by VNA.

The event, organized by the Association of Vietnamese Students in Singapore, featured various activities to honor Vietnam’s traditional Lunar New Year celebration (known as Tet in Vietnamese), which is the country’s longest holiday.

Vietnamese students at the event. Photo: VNA

During the event, the students learned how to make ‘banh chung’ (square glutinous rice cake) and dried coconut flakes, which are two typical culinary delights of the festive occasion. They also participated in puzzle games to test their knowledge of Vietnamese culture, history, and geography.

In his speech, Vietnamese Ambassador Mai Phuoc Dung praised the association’s activities and their contributions.

He emphasized that the association has created a platform for Vietnamese students to interact, share knowledge and skills, and support each other.

Tet, celebrated since ancient times, is not only a spiritual event marking the transition from one lunar year to another, but also embodies Vietnamese customs and beliefs. This year, the holiday in Vietnam will last for seven days from February 8 to 14.

Making banh chung at the event. Source: Huyen Leyva

Nguyen Thuy Quynh, president of the Vietnamese Student Association in Singapore, stated that this is the third year the association has organized traditional Tet activities for Vietnamese students studying in Singapore.

The association aims to bring Vietnamese students in Singapore together through traditional activities, allowing them to preserve the cultural beauty of Vietnam even when they are far from home.

This event is part of a series of activities to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnamese Student Association in Singapore.

After the event, more than 100 banh chung will be distributed to the students.

Hannah Nguyen