Singapore Sikhs: A Story of Achievements and Inclusivity

At the 75th anniversary celebration dinner of the Sikh Advisory Board, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong lauded the immense contributions of Singapore's Sikh community in preserving their culture, faith, and distinct identity, while simultaneously excelling in diverse areas.

Sikhs in Singapore: A Culture of Success and Diversity

Lawrence Wong praised the Sikhs in Singapore for their remarkable achievements in various professions and their significant contributions to diverse sectors. He acknowledged their leadership positions in the civil service, uniformed services, judiciary, business, sports, and other fields.

Wong stated that Sikhs in Singapore have not only succeeded professionally but have also maintained their cultural heritage, faith, and unique identity. The government deeply appreciates and values its collaboration with the Sikh community, recognizing their disproportionately immense contributions to the country.

The Deputy Prime Minister highlighted the crucial role of the Sikh Advisory Board in advising the state on matters concerning the community’s religious, customs, and welfare issues. The Board’s advice is taken seriously, shaping government policies and mediating disputes, particularly in employment practices to accommodate Sikh principles.

The Sikh community’s ability to thrive professionally, preserve their heritage, and actively engage with the government showcases their exceptional spirit and determination. Singapore celebrates the strength that cultural diversity brings to the nation, with Sikhs making a profound impact on its progress and success.

The contributions and achievements of the Sikh community will continue to be a source of pride and inspiration for all citizens as Singapore moves forward. It exemplifies the importance of diversity and cultural harmony in building a vibrant and prosperous nation.

Tarah Nguyen