The rose valley covers an area of up to 50,000 square metres, stretching along the Muong Hoa mountain rail line that connects Sa Pa town and the the Mount Fansipan cable car station.

It contains over 300,000 rose plants, with over 150 most popular varieties from Sapa, Vietnam and across the world.

In addition to traditional local roses from around Vietnam, from places like Sapa, Hue, Hai Phong and Son La, many imported varieties and international favourites contribute to the uniqueness and diversity of the valley.

Possibly the most impressive highlight is the vivid carpets of red climbing roses that have contributed to creating the Sapa brand.

Director of Sun World Fansipan Legend, Nguyen Xuan Chien, said that the rose valley in Fansipan is expected to contribute a new unique angle to Sapa, attracting more visitors to “the city in the clouds’, especially in the context of Vietnamese tourism making its best efforts to quickly recover after Covid-19 epidemic.

Sun World Fansipan Legend, as well as over 80 travel agencies, hotels, garages and restaurants in the tourist city are providing many services with discounts of between 30 and 60%.