Romantic Getaways in the Heart of Da Lat City

Da Lat has always been couples' favorite destination. By day, they can enjoy the nature, good food and take couple photos together. By night, they can enjoy a romantic evening and celebrate their love in these intimate spots.


Looking for a place to take your lovely lady in the highland city of Da Lat to celebrate Women’s Day? Check out of bars for you to chill out, relax and get tipsy.


Photo: Nhung Dang Facebook
Photo: Nhung Dang Facebook

What’s better than dinner and a movie? A place to get dinner inspired by a famous movie!

Leon is built on the foundation of an old studio. This bar is inspired by the film Léon: The Professional (1994). The unique atmosphere offers a one of a kind experience in Da Lat.

Photo: Nhung Dang Facebook
Photo: Nhung Dang Facebook

Léon is airy with long wooden tables and rows of matching chairs. The restaurant’s arrangement is not so neat but instead of looking messy, it is inviting you to just sink in and relax.

The lights are dim, the space is filled with the mood of the gentle music, the sentimental sentence therefore also becomes bolder thanks to a little catalyst from the alcohol of the cocktails. Couples can use this opportunity to get closer.

At Léon, you will surely be surprised at how bartenders perform their cocktail-making skills. Drinks are delicious and varied, especially they are prepared according to each person’s taste.

Photo: Nhung Dang Facebook
Photo: Nhung Dang Facebook

The highlight of Léon is that it shows classic movie every evening so you can watch films while enjoying refreshing cocktails. Sometimes there is a special acoustic night show for you to enjoy soulful music from young talents.

Address: 278 Hai Ba Trung

Opening hours: 17:00 – 2:00

Rainy Rhythm

Photo: Rainy Rhythm
Photo: Rainy Rhythm

You might know this bar under a different name – Speakeasy bar. This name is inspired of American-style bar during the 1919-1930 Prohibition period, since it has no sign, no title at the front. Rainy Rhythm wants to become your comfort zone, the place you can always go to after a long day.

It will be there, rainy or shine, with open door. The theme is much suiting the rainy season in Da Lat and so is the drink.

Bizarrely, there is no drink menu. All you have to do is describe what you want to have to the bartender, and you shall receive. It will be to your taste, then it will be named after you or a name you come up with. This is a perfect spot to make your date night more entertaining with getting to know more about each other.

Photo: Rainy Rhythm
The outdoor space makes your date blends in with Da Lat’s nature. Photo: Rainy Rhythm

Young love sparks under the blue tint light at the bar.

Also, you can find Butter Beer meticulously crafted in Rainy Rhythm. Another drink you should try is Dalat Sour if you are a fan of the infamous Da Lat Wine.

Address: 24b/1 Hung Vuong

Opening hours: 17:00 – 23:00

Fox’s Den

Although it is called the bar, Fox’s Den is more like a private space that helps you to escape for city life, especially if you are tired of the life in big city and is in Da Lat to unwind on a retreat trip for two.

Photo: Tico Travel
Photo: Tico Travel

The bar boasts a cozy and close space in the middle of the city. The menu is diverse, based on Disney movies and reasonably priced. Bartender is friendly, interactive and will cater to your needs in your romantic date. They know when to light up the mood when to leave you with some privacy.

You will also enjoy good food, a beautifully decorated interior, and wonderful music.

Address: 50 Tang Bat Ho

Opening hours: 18:00 – 0:00

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