Reviving Hoi An: A Rebirth of International Tourism

Hoi An, in the Post-Covid Era, remains an outstanding symbol of Vietnamese tourism for the global community.


Tourism in Hoi An city (Quang Nam province) has returned to pre-pandemic levels, with international visitors accounting for more than 70% of the total. The tourism industry has generated revenue of VND 4,538.6 billion (over US $180 million), an increase of 9.64% compared to the same period in 2022.

Vice Chairman of Hoi An city People’s Committee, Nguyen Van Lanh, believes that the removal of entry and exit barriers for international visitors has contributed to this success. The visa exemption policy and new electronic visa issuance, effective from August 15, 2023, have facilitated the influx of tourists. Additionally, the implementation of Resolution 82 by the government has played a crucial role in the recovery of tourism in Hoi An.

Hoi An Ancient town (Photo: Getty Image).

In 2023, Hoi An welcomed 4 million visitors, a significant increase of 99.79% compared to the previous year. Among these visitors, 3 million were international tourists, showcasing Hoi An’s international appeal.

The total number of visitors who purchased tickets to visit various attractions in Hoi An exceeded 3.2 million, a notable increase of 130.53%. Of these visitors, nearly 2.6 million were international tourists, reflecting a 304.58% increase compared to the previous year. The total number of recorded visitors surpassed 1.5 million, a rise of 100.47% compared to the previous year. Among them, 1.276 million were international visitors.

Hoi An aims to attract 4.3 million visitors in 2024, with more than 3.2 million of them being international tourists.

South Korea Tops the List of International Markets in Hoi An

Foreign travelers visit Hoi An ancient town. (Photo: Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism).

South Korea is the leading market for international tourists visiting Hoi An, accounting for 20.65% with 215,305 visitors. Taiwan (China) follows closely with 137,754 visitors (13.21%), and Australia ranks third with 83,875 visitors (8.05%). Visitors from England, France, Germany, and Spain also contribute significantly to the market share, especially with the increasing number of European tourist groups in the latter months of 2023.

Moreover, Hoi An has witnessed a rapid increase in tourists from neighboring countries within the ASEAN bloc, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Malaysian tourists stand out, ranking 5th among the countries sending the most tourists to Hoi An.

The positive impressions of international tourists regarding Hoi An contribute to its reputation as a picturesque and culturally rich destination, perfect for enthusiastic travelers to explore freely.

Fanasy Nguyen Le