Situated along the coast of central Vietnam, Da Nang offers a relaxed lifestyle, high quality of life, and affordable living options, according to the website.

According to Motati, “In my opinion, Da Nang is an emerging retirement destination in Asia that has a lot to offer. With its pristine beaches, picturesque mountains, favorable climate, and modern amenities, it’s a great choice. The housing options are affordable, the healthcare facilities are excellent, and there is a growing expat community. Da Nang is an obvious choice.”

In addition to its pristine beaches, vibrant food scene, and favorable climate, Da Nang provides a welcoming environment for retirees seeking affordable living. The city has a thriving expat community of retirees from various countries, and there are events and activities specifically tailored for retirees, providing a strong support network.

Da Nang also offers a vibrant cultural scene, with art exhibitions, music festivals, and local performances that allow retirees to engage with the local community and experience Vietnamese culture, according to GOBankingRates.

Da Nang came second on the list, with an average monthly cost of living for expats of $867.

Chiang Mai, Thailand topped the list with an average monthly cost of living for expats of $661. The third, fourth, and fifth positions went to Cebu, Philippines; Taipei, Taiwan (China); and Kyoto, Japan respectively, with average monthly costs of living for expats of $840, $1,268, and $1,565.