Explore Tay Ninh On Your Weekend Getaway: Where To Go?

Besides the famous Tay Ninh Holy See and Dien Son tourist area, tourists traveling to Tay Ninh can also visit some new destinations, camp overnight, or explore the national parks.

Photo: VOV
Photo: VOV

After the Tet holiday, Tay Ninh has become a popular destination, attracting 595,000 visitors. This is a positive indication of the area’s tourism potential and growth, as it attracts a large number of young people seeking new experiences and beautiful Instagram-worthy locations.

Located approximately 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City, Tay Ninh is an ideal destination for a 2-day getaway. Here are some of the top recommended destinations in Tay Ninh, according to Zing news.

Dau Tieng Lake

Photo: Thao Ly
Photo: Thao Ly

For those who prefer less crowded places, Dau Tieng Lake is an excellent choice. It is one of the largest artificial lakes in Vietnam, located approximately 38 km east of Tay Ninh.

From the center of the city, tourists can take Cach Mang Thang Tam street, pass by Tay Ninh Holy See, and turn right at Duong Minh Chau town. Then, they can continue along the lakeside road.

In recent years, the area around the lake has become a popular spot for overnight camping, sunset and sunrise watching. The lake tends to be crowded on weekends, so it is advisable to arrive early for a peaceful and quiet experience.

Entrance to the lake is free, but visitors should prepare necessary items such as tents, firewood for campfires, and food if planning to stay overnight.

Ba Den Mountain

Photo: galatourist.asia
Photo: galatourist.asia

Ba Den Mountain not only offers mesmerizing natural scenery but is also a great destination for entertainment. Visitors can choose to ride the cable cars or hike to the mountain’s peak, each offering a unique experience. Cable cars provide a faster and more convenient option, while hiking allows for an adventurous journey to enjoy the majestic and dreamy views from the top.

For hiking enthusiasts, there are several challenging routes available, and it can take approximately three to nine hours to reach the mountain’s peak.

Overnight camping to witness the sunrise in the early morning is a highly recommended experience. However, like many other popular destinations in Tay Ninh, it is advisable to visit Ba Den Mountain early on weekends to avoid crowds. Prior to the trip, it is recommended to prepare physically and bring camping equipment.

Additionally, there are other well-known spots such as Ba Tay Bo Da Son Buddha, flower fields, and the cable station that serve as favorite Instagram check-in locations.

Ma Lu Quan

Photo: Ma Lu Quan
Photo: Ma Lu Quan

Ma Lu Quan is a beautiful glamping area located at the foot of Ba Den Mountain. It offers modern conveniences, including breakfast service and coffee.

Visitors can spend the night in one of the Mongolian Yurt tents, which offer resistance to strong winds and warmth during the night. The glamping area also provides facilities such as toilets, mattresses, fans, electricity plugs, and Wi-Fi.

At present, campers can easily book a combo package that includes one night stay and two-course meals (a BBQ party and breakfast) for 699,000 VND per person (approximately US$30.5 per person). Each tent accommodates 4-8 guests, with a check-in time of 4 pm and check-out time of 9 am the following day.

Many visitors have given positive reviews about the dishes offered, which include a variety of fried and grilled foods. Additional food options can be ordered alongside the combo package.

Lo Go Xa Mat National Park

Photo: Lo Go Xa Mat National Park
Photo: Lo Go Xa Mat National Park

For those planning a day trip, Lo Go Xa Mat National Park is an ideal destination for exploration and discovery.

The national park is situated approximately 35 km from Tay Ninh and offers diverse ecosystems transitioning between the Central Highlands, the Southeast, and the Mekong Delta. Lo Go Xa Mat National Park boasts a rich variety of flora and fauna, including rare bird species, within the western lowlands of the Southeast.

The park is home to valuable flora such as legumes, including water oil, oil sands, oil bottles, and oil and her song varieties. Some species have been listed in the Red Book, such as typing te, Christmas flavor, and milk dessert.

The bird fauna in this park is unique, with many rare water bird species found in the wetland habitats, including giang sen, these old and small labels, pheasant feathers purple, red chicken cash, and shots chach gray cheeks. Moreover, Lo Go Xa Mat is a stopping point for the red-headed crane species during their migratory routes between breeding sites in Cambodia. The park is recognized as one of the important bird areas in Vietnam.

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