Record-breaking box-office earnings for Hanoi-themed film

The movie about Hanoi during the resistance against the French (1945-1954) deeply mesmerizes the viewers.


For the first time, a state-funded Vietnamese film about the history of Hanoi – “Dao, Pho & Piano“, or “Peach Blossom, Noodle Soup, and Piano” – achieved record-breaking revenue after just a few days in Hanoi cinemas.

Vietnamese artists in the feature film “Dao, Pho & Piano“. Photo: Artist Doan Quoc Dam

According to Box Office Vietnam, an independent film sales analyst, the Vietnamese feature film “Dao, Pho & Piano” earned a record VND505 million (US$21,000) in just eight days from February 12 to 20. On February 20 alone, the film collected VND166 million (US$7,000) from 3,322 tickets sold exclusively at the National Cinema Center. The film has become the third highest-grossing Vietnamese film, following the psychological film “Mai” and the comedy “Gap Lai Chi Bau,” both Vietnamese productions.

At the National Cinema Centre, the film “Dao, Pho & Piano” has recently gained popularity, leading to a significant increase in the number of screenings. The feature film now offers 16 screenings per day, attracting thousands of moviegoers.

“I was unable to purchase an online ticket for Dao, Pho & Piano from the National Cinema Center’s website. The network is often overloaded, likely due to excessive traffic,” said Thanh Huong, an audience member from Ba Dinh District, to The Hanoi Times.

The poster of the movie “Dao, Pho & Piano“.

Currently, the National Cinema Center is the sole venue screening the film. All revenues from “Dao, Pho & Piano” will be directly contributed to the state budget. The film is expected to be shown in other venues in the future.

Directed by Phi Tien Son, “Dao, Pho & Piano” was commissioned by the Cinema Department of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and produced by Film Studio No.1 JSC. The state-funded film has received an investment of VND20 billion ($820,000).

Dao, Pho & Piano” won the Silver Lotus Award at the 23rd Vietnam Film Festival in November last year.

Moviegoers queue to buy tickets at the National Cinema Center. Photo: Tien Tran

According to screenwriter Trinh Thanh Nha, other Vietnamese films can achieve significant box-office success if they have well-crafted scripts and proper investment.

“The popularity of ‘Dao, Pho & Piano‘ shows that audiences have a strong love for Vietnamese films, which can be compared to Hollywood blockbusters,” she said.

The film “Dao, Pho & Piano” recounts the story of a young couple who risked their lives to meet on the last day, February 17, 1947, before the Vietnamese troops retreated to the Viet Bac Military Zone, commencing the long resistance war.

Having encountered each other amidst a street battle, the lovers had only a few hours to marry in a life-or-death situation. The plot focuses on their final moments of love for life, beauty, and freedom.

A scene from “Dao, Pho & Piano“.

Set against the backdrop of a fierce house-to-house and street-to-street battle over 60 days and nights, portraying the evil and cruelty of war, the film showcases the image of patriotic yet graceful Hanoians willingly sacrificing their lives to protect their beloved Hanoi and their passions.

Director Phi Tien Son stated that the indomitable dignity of the Vietnamese people permeates the residents of Hanoi throughout the film. Simultaneously, the movie portrays elegant Hanoians who are determined to die for their country, regardless of age, profession, class, or religion.

In the movie, the climax of the street battle occurs just before Tet (Lunar New Year), during which peach blossoms are customary in every household.

Regarding food, pho has always been a staple among Hanoians. Furthermore, in the tranquil atmosphere of old Hanoi, the sound of piano playing was often heard in certain houses. These three elements inspired and named the film “Dao, Pho & Piano“.

The trailer of “Dao, Pho & Piano
Source: VTV Shows