Previously, travellers had to go to Can Thanh town (which is 72 km from the city centre) to take boats that pass-through Thanh An commune, then another journey to Thieng Lieng hamlet. However, now tourists can take boats from the pier of the Can Gio Protective Forest Management Board, which shortens the travel distance by 20km of road and 10km of waterways. A tour to Thieng Lieng takes one day or longer, depending on the preferences of visitors.

Locals in Thieng Lieng live by mainly making salt and raising oysters. This is a really peaceful oasis which still has reminisce of rustic and simple features. It is famous for crisscrossing rivers, canals and green forests. The road running around the island is more than 4 km long, passing through square salt fields that are sparkling in the sun. People travel by motorbike, and tourists often like to ride bicycles or walk, to enjoy the cool breeze in a fresh and relaxing space.

There are a lot of experiences for visitors, including welcoming the sunrise, watching the sunset, waiting for the moon and stars, walking, jogging around the island, boat rides on the Thi Vai and Long Tau rivers, fishing and making salts. The most special experience is the trekking trip through the mangrove forest and climbing to Giong Chua mountain, a 10m rock of volcanic origin and the highest point in Ho Chi Minh city. This is really an interesting destination for people to “check-out”, amidst the immense forests of duoc (rhizophora apiculate), mam (avicennia marina) and ban (sonneratia caseolaris).

Thieng Lieng only has three homestays with around 40 accommodations. Although visitors have to eat right at the locals’ houses, because food services have not yet developed, they feel familiar thanks to the local people’s sincerity and friendliness. Coming to the island during the weekend, visitors can have the chance to witness and join performances of don ca tai tu (traditional musical art form of the south) and listen to stories about the daily life in the hamlet. Despite simple accommodation facilities, the beautiful nature and the warm hearts of the locals, have attracted tourists to Thieng Lieng hamlet.