Quang Tri: Large-Caliber Artillery Shell Safely Destroyed by NPA/RENEW

The NPA/RENEW bomb disposal team successfully disposed of a high-caliber artillery shell on February 22. The shell was found in a recently dug fish pond in Xuan Long village, located in Quang Tri Province.


The Head of Trung Hai Commune Police, Major Nguyen Thanh Vinh, reported that local residents discovered an artillery shell while excavating land to build a new fish pond. The police instructed the workers to temporarily halt their activities and mark the location of the explosive until the demining team arrived for assistance.

Xuan Long’s fish pond digging vehicle came to a stop after the discovery of the projectile (Photo: NPA).

Upon arrival at the scene, NPA/RENEW team leader Hoang Kim Chien instructed the team members to safely relocate the artillery shell for disposal.

The 127mm artillery shell was discovered during the excavation.

Currently, NPA/RENEW, with support from the US and Norwegian Governments, continues to conduct activities to address the consequences of mines and explosives in Quang Tri.

Captain Hoang Kim Chien takes the final steps before proceeding with the destruction of the artillery shell.

After the war, Quang Tri suffered the most severe consequences from bombs, mines, and unexploded ordnance. According to data released by the Vietnam National Mine Action Center in 2018, 82% of the land in Quang Tri is contaminated by land mines, the highest percentage in the country.

Image of the detonated artillery shell taken from the command point where the team deployed the detonation.

NPA’s Survey and Clearance Program is conducted under Project RENEW, which is funded by the US Department of State and the UK Department for International Development. This program is a collaborative effort between NPA and the Quang Tri Department of Foreign Affairs.

Charlotte Pho