Quán Chuồng Gate breathes life into Hanoi with 25 mesmerizing visual art performances.

Hanoi Night - Touching Point of Emotions introduces the 3D mapping light show at O Quan Chuong, a captivating tourism experience that showcases the charm of Hanoi. This unique spectacle takes visitors on a mesmerizing journey through the city's history and culture, using cutting-edge technology and artistic storytelling. Witness the vibrant colors and intricate projections that bring the walls of O Quan Chuong to life, creating a visual feast that evokes a range of emotions. Immerse yourself in the beauty and wonder of Hanoi's past and present, as this innovative light show transports you to another world. Prepare to be amazed and moved by the enchanting display of light and artistry at the 3D mapping light show in O Quan Chuong.


For the first time, Quan Chuong Gate, the iconic relics site in Hanoi, was illuminated with modern 3D mapping visual art performances. The impressive shows, which took place last weekend, caught the attention of both locals and international tourists.

The light show was organized by the Department of Tourism of the city as part of the launch of Hanoi Night Tourism.

The light performance brings visitors a new and impressive experience by combining modern technology and the ancient space of Quan Chuong Gate at night.
The symbolic images of the Vietnamese, lotus flowers, and conical hats, were brightly rendered on the old mossy wall of the Quan Chuong Gate in Hanoi’s Quarter.
The show is open to the public, and admission is completely free.
Locals and visitors to Hanoi eagerly await the light show at Quan Chuong Gate on the evenings of November 24 and 25.
Le Quynh Trang, a resident of Ha Dong District, said she was very excited to see the 3D mapping light show here. “The performance is very attractive for viewers, especially for young people who love Vietnamese history and heritage,” she said.
Thirteen wonderful images of tangible and intangible heritage elements representing the outstanding cultural and historical values of Hanoi Capital, such as Long Bien Bridge, Quan Chuong Gate, One Pillar Pagoda, Pen Tower, Hang Trong Folk Paintings, Chuong Village Conical Hats, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, and others were vividly displayed.
The entire heritage of Hanoi is presented to the public in just a 25-minute 3D mapping visual art performance, bringing a new experience to Hanoi residents and tourists.
The foreign tourists were also impressed with the performance and were excited to capture the interesting moments of Hanoi at night.
The 25-minute visual 3D mapping performance was a true feast of light and an exciting experience for the audience.
With the launch of 15 night tourism offers, Hanoi expects to enhance the travel experience for visitors to the capital city.