Publishing Houses Aiming To Bring Vietnamese Books To International Markets

In recent times, publishing houses based in Ho Chi Minh City have taken the initiative to promote Vietnamese literature around the globe.

Publishing Houses Aim To Introduce Vietnamese Books Abroad
The English-version books on Vietnamese history in pictures are introduced by Tre (Young) Publishing House at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore. (Photo:

More than 10 years ago, the Tre (Young) Publishing House started translating literature and history-culture books by famous domestic authors into English with the goal of gradually approaching the Asian market and reaching out to the world.

Apart from focusing on translating best-selling books by famous authors and actively introducing them to foreign units, the publishing house has actively displayed its products at international book fairs.

Nearly 30 translated book titles have helped this unit’s display space in international book fairs be more attractive to visitors and publishing partners, according to VNA.

According to Nguyen Thanh Nam, Editor-in-Chief of the Youth Publishing House, translated book titles have been reprinted continuously.

Recently, at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content held in Singapore, the English-version book on Vietnamese history in pictures introduced by the publishing house made many international partners and readers curious and interested.

The book was translated by English-Vietnamese couple Patrick Barry and Mai Barry. The translation is in a narrative style, trying to both accurately transmit information and match the way native British think and speak.

In October this year, the Young Publishing House will continue to participate in the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. It aims to complete the copyright sale of this historical picture book series and introduce more book titles to foreign partners.

Publishing Houses Aim To Introduce Vietnamese Books Abroad
A supplied photo captures some pages of a book in the series ‘A History of Vietnam in Pictures’ released by Ho Chi Minh City-based Tre Publishing House. Photo: Dong Nguyen

Chi Culture Joint Stock Company (Chibooks) has also made great efforts to bring Vietnamese books closer to international readers by organizing Vietnamese book stalls at international book fairs such as Frankfurt Book Fair, Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair in Malaysia, Beijing International Book Fair and Guangxi Book Fair in China.

Translator Nguyen Le Chi, Director of Chibooks, was the first person that has exhibited Vietnamese books in China.

At the event, Chibooks introduced many book titles on Vietnamese literature and culture, and children’s books. Many works have been fully or partly translated into Chinese, providing publishing units with a more comprehensive view of Vietnamese books.

Publishing Houses Aim To Introduce Vietnamese Books Abroad
Saigon Book Street. Photo: Shutterstock

At many such fairs, Chibooks has signed a number of agreements on publishing cooperation with international publishing units, towards co-publishing Vietnamese books. This unit has also participated in many specialized publishing activities such as delivering presentations to contribute to possible cooperation trends for publishing in the region.

With its efforts to introduce Vietnamese books to the world, Chibooks’s products have been sold on an e-commerce platform of the China Book Import and Export Co, widely reaching Chinese and foreign readers.

Director of Chiboooks Tran Le Chi said Vietnamese publishing houses’ regular exhibitions at international book fairs will help international publishers and readers understand more about Vietnamese books, contributing to promoting Vietnamese culture to international friends.

Previously, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Singapore (1973-2023), Vietnam became the Country of Focus of the 14th Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC) held in Singapore on May 25-27.

Kim Dong Publishing House and 10 other Vietnamese publishing companies have participated in many activities to introduce authors and work within the framework of the AFCC. The events in the program “Country of Focus: Vietnam” are an opportunity to introduce outstanding Vietnamese children’s literature publications as well as to promote Vietnamese culture to the world.

Vu Thi Yen, a representative of Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House, which also joined the Asian Children’s Book Fair in Singapore, said Ho Chi Minh City General Publishing House brought to the fair a series of previously published bilingual and multilingual books.

Charlotte Pho