Pristine and quiet are common feelings of visitors once they get closer to the core of the Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Over the past few years, Pu Luon has become an ideal place for nature lovers who want to hide away from the noise, dust, and traffic congestion of cities.

The harvest time, between June and October, is the perfect time to explore the best of Pu Luong.

Arriving in the area, visitors can admire the villages of Muong and Thai ethnic people peacefully nestled under the forest canopy, while green can be seen everywhere in the reserve.

Hieu Village is one of popular places to visit in Pu Luong Nature Reserve. Located in Co Lung Commune, Ba Thuoc District, the village bears the typical scenery of the Thai ethnic community, with thatched roof stilt houses surrounded by streams, gardens and orchids.

Wildlife lovers and adventurous tourists shouldn’t miss Hieu Village Waterfall, which is dubbed as the most beautiful waterfall in west Thanh Hoa. The waterfall also hides many magnificent caves which are carved into the mountain.

After a long day exploring the village, diners will be treated with delicious meals of rice cooked in bamboo tubes, duck, bamboo shoots, and grill fish.