Prof. Bui Minh Phong Awarded Hungary’s Knight Cross Order of Merit

Professor Bui Minh Phong was bestowed with the highest distinction of Hungary's Order of Merit Knight Cross for his exemplary achievements in mathematics, science cooperation, and education.


Professor Bui Minh Phong, an esteemed member of the Vietnamese community in Hungary, has been awarded the Hungarian Order of Merit Knight Cross. This prestigious award, presented by the Hungarian State, recognizes his exceptional contributions in the fields of mathematical research, scientific cooperation, and education.

The awarding ceremony took place at the Celebration House in Budapest as part of the Hungarian National Day celebrations on August 20.

Eszter Vitályos, the Parliamentary State Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation, presented the Hungarian Order of the Knight Cross to Prof Bui Minh Phong.

Prof. Bui Minh Phong Receives Hungary's Knight Cross Order
Professor Bui Minh Phong received the Hungarian State’s noble award. Photo: Vietnam+

According to Hungarian law, this Order of Merit is awarded based on the recommendation of Prime Minister Orbán Viktor and signed by President Novák Katalin. It acknowledges Prof. Bui Minh Phong’s significant contributions during his more than 37 years of teaching and research at Eötvös Loránd University.

Born in 1953 in Huong Thuy commune, Huong Khe (Ha Tinh province), Professor Bui Minh Phong grew up during the tumultuous war period.

His exceptional talent in Mathematics was evident from his high school years, leading him to attend the mathematics class at Vinh Pedagogical University.

In 1971, he was sent to Hungary to study at the Pedagogical School named after President Ho Chi Minh in the city of Eger, after passing the university entrance exam with excellent scores.

During his university years, he excelled in math competitions, winning the first prize three times, and also conducted valuable scientific research, authoring three highly regarded articles.

In 1976, he received the János Bolyai Mathematical Society’s Kató Rényi Memorial Prize for his outstanding performance as a student in scientific research.

After graduating, he pursued a postgraduate training course at Hanoi National University of Education from 1976 to 1978, graduating with distinction. He then began teaching at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education.

In 1985, he returned to Hungary to further his scientific pursuits, successfully defending his doctoral thesis in 1986. In 1992, he was asked by Vietnam to continue studying and working at the University of Budapest. He defended his Doctor Habil’s thesis in 2013 and was appointed Professor by President Áder János in 2016.

Prof. Bui Minh Phong Receives Hungary's Knight Cross Order
The Hungarian Order of Merit Knight Cross awarded to Professor Bui Minh Phong. Photo: Vietnam+

Aside from teaching, Professor Bui Minh Phong has published over 120 research works, most of them appearing in prestigious mathematical journals. He actively participates in international math conferences, works in various schools worldwide, and organizes math conferences. He is also dedicated to the development of mathematics and mathematics education in Vietnam.

He has had numerous opportunities to return to Vietnam and teach, as well as lead delegations of Hungarian mathematicians collaborating with Vietnamese schools and institutes.

The Hungarian Order of Merit is a well-deserved recognition of Professor Bui Minh Phong’s role as a bridge for cooperation and association between Hungarian and Vietnamese universities over the years.

In addition to his teaching and research endeavors, from 1995 to 2017, Professor Bui Minh Phong actively participated in community activities as the General Secretary and Vice President of the Vietnamese Association in Hungary. Although he retired in February of this year, at the age of 70, he continues to show enthusiasm for professional activities.

Expressing his gratitude after receiving this prestigious award, Professor Bui Minh Phong stated that he is extremely pleased to see his efforts in enhancing the image of the Vietnamese people during the integration process in Hungary being recognized by the Hungarian State. He will also be awarded the title of Emeritus Professor in early September.

Over the years, the Hungarian Order of Merit, in its various ranks, has been bestowed upon several Vietnamese individuals who have been commended for their outstanding contributions in the fields of culture, science, art, and other areas of expertise aimed at advancing Hungary’s interests and promoting greater good for humanity.

Renowned translator Le Xuan Giang, researcher, literary theorist, and translator Dr. Truong Dang Dung, and Dr. Giap Van Chung are among the familiar names who have received the State Order of Hungary for their exceptional contributions in promoting Hungarian cultural and artistic values worldwide.

Hannah Nguyen