Preserving Vietnamese Culture through Martial Art Kwan Ki Do

The Romanian Martial Arts Federation organized the Kwan Ki Do Spring Cup on March 2nd. More than 300 young martial artists from various clubs in Romania took part in this event, including several children with disabilities.


The Kwan Ki Do Spring Cup was held in an electric atmosphere, filled with lion dance performances, martial spirit, and the use of the Vietnamese language in martial arts. The competitions for autistic children focused on discipline, coordination techniques, and behavior control.

During the opening ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Romania, Do Duc Thanh, expressed his delight in seeing the growing popularity of Kwan Ki Do in many Romanian cities. The martial art has attracted a large number of students, promoting discipline, tolerance, sharing, and especially benefiting teenagers in terms of health and well-being.

The Kwan Ki Do Spring Cup was organized on March 2 by the Romanian Martial Arts Federation.

Ambassador Do Duc Thanh expressed his hope that the students would continue to serve as a bridge, strengthening the longstanding friendship between Vietnam and Romania.

He also expressed his wish for the Romanian Martial Arts Federation to continue their support for the development of Kwan Ki Do in Romania.

Petre Bulmaga, General Secretary of the Romanian Traditional Martial Arts Association, stated that more than 2,000 people currently practice Kwan Ki Do at centers across Romania, making it the second most popular martial art after karate.

Vietnamese Ambassador Do Duc Thanh and martial artists at the event.

The masters and referees of martial arts take pride in promoting the spirit, discipline, respect, sharing, and cultural values of Vietnam. The classes for children with disabilities focus on teaching discipline, behavior control, and energy management.

The World Union of Kwan Ki Do was founded by Master Pham Xuan Tong in France and currently has a presence in 24 countries worldwide, with the highest development in Africa and Europe. Since 1990, Kwan Ki Do has been a member of the Vietnam Traditional Martial Arts Federation.

Phuong Nguyen