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Poland provides 20 scholarships for Vietnamese students in 2024

The Ministry of Education and Training has recently declared that there will be an opportunity for Vietnamese citizens to pursue their studies in Poland through an Agreement in 2024. Under this agreement, the Polish Government is generously offering 20 scholarships to exceptional individuals who wish to pursue university, master's, or doctoral degrees in Poland.


The Polish Government offers tuition and research fee exemptions, as well as paid accommodation in dormitories, in accordance with Polish Government regulations. The Government of Vietnam provides one-way air tickets, travel expenses, passport and visa fees, health insurance, and monthly living expense compensation according to the current regime for international students with the Association Scholarship.

The undergraduate program lasts from 3 to 4 years, the Master’s program takes 2 years of study, and the Doctoral program lasts from 3 to 4 years (excluding 1 year of preparatory study in Polish). However, Poland does not accept training in Medicine, Pharmacy, or Arts fields.

Poland offers 20 scholarships for Vietnamese students in 2024.

The language used in the learning and research process is Polish. Applicants who have never attended university or graduate school in Poland will be required to study 1 year of Polish language preparation before entering their major. They must then pass the Polish language test. Candidates must also pass the entrance exam, which varies based on the specific requirements of the training facility and program, in order to be officially accepted into their specialized course of study. If they fail to meet the requirements in these exams, the candidate will need to return home and reimburse the state for all training costs or switch to self-funded study.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, candidates must possess good political and moral qualities, as well as good health. If it is found that they have provided false documents or lied about health issues, they will be compelled to return home and bear all associated costs, including airfare and compensation to the state.

Recipients of the scholarship must commit to completing the training program and returning to serve at the agency or in a position as requested by the State. Those who fail to complete the training program, drop out of school, do not return to their home country after graduation, or fail to fulfill the obligations of scholarship recipients will be required to reimburse the training costs.

Applicants for university admission must register for a major that aligns with their current field of study at a university in Vietnam or a major that has received international or national awards. Candidates applying for master’s or doctoral degrees must register for majors that are aligned with the needs of building and developing human resources as determined by the agency or locality sending them to study.

Candidates may only register for 1 major and are not allowed to change majors or training facilities after registering for admission and being accepted to study. They can, however, register for higher training levels than those with a diploma.

For students who have graduated from a university or obtained a master’s degree abroad without being sent to study by the Ministry of Education and Training, or for those who have graduated from training programs coordinated with foreign countries in Vietnam, a certificate of equivalent diploma is required by the Department of Quality Management at the Ministry of Education and Training.

Charlotte Pho