Planting Seeds for a Brighter Future: The Greening of Truong Sa

The Truong Sa island district, nestled in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa, presents a unique set of challenges for its residents. With a tropical climate that brings harsh weather and strong winds all year round, coupled with scarce land and freshwater resources, the conditions are far from ideal for cultivation and plant growth. Despite these obstacles, the resilient community of Truong Sa perseveres, adapting to their environment with ingenuity and a deep connection to nature.


The soldiers of Truong Sa island district have achieved a remarkable feat of perseverance and determination. Despite the challenges posed by the harsh tropical climate, they have successfully planted and nurtured trees, transforming the islands.

Their hard work and creativity have borne fruit, quite literally, as the islands now boast a variety of flourishing trees, vibrant flowers, and fresh vegetables. This has not only improved the living conditions for the soldiers but also brought about several environmental benefits.

The trees provide much-needed shade and help regulate the climate, making the islands more habitable. They also protect the land and structures from the strong winds, combat the effects of climate change, and strengthen national security and sovereignty at sea.

A young sapling takes root on Song Tu Tay Island, symbolizing the soldiers’ determination to bring life to the islands. Photo: VNA
The lush greenery of Nguyen Thanh Long’s garden stands out against the stark backdrop of Da Tay A Island. Photo: VNA
Song Tu Tay Island’s garden is a thriving hub of life, producing over 6,000 seedlings annually to greenify Truong Sa. Photo: VNA
A united effort by soldiers and civilians, as delegation #13 in 2024 plants trees on Song Tu Tay Island. Photo: VNA
Da Thi Island’s soldiers tend to their vibrant flowers and trees, adding a touch of color to the island. Photo: VNA
The lush greenery of Truong Sa Island contrasts beautifully with the blue sky and sea, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Photo: VNA
A canopy of green: Truong Sa Island’s mature trees provide shade and a much-needed respite from the tropical sun. Photo: VNA
A burst of color: The vibrant flowers and lush greenery of Sinh Ton Dong Island add life and beauty to the island. Photo: VNA
The peaceful shade of Sinh Ton Dong Island’s trees offers a respite from the sun and a beautiful view. Photo: VNA
The soldiers and residents of Truong Sa have transformed the harsh climate into a lush, green paradise. Photo: VNA
Hannah Nguyen