Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors Triumph at 2023 iF Design and Red Dot Awards

Philips, a brand known for its innovative and exceptional products, continues to receive recognition for its dedication to advanced technology and revolutionary design. Recently, the Philips Evnia gaming monitors were honored with prestigious awards at the 2023 iF Design and Red Dot Awards, highlighting Philips' continued efforts to seamlessly combine technology and design in the gaming industry.


The Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors have won prestigious awards at the 2023 iF Design and Red Dot Awards. These awards showcase how Philips Evnia goes beyond being just an upgrade, but rather, represents a new perspective. With a focus on being the most welcoming gaming brand, Philips Evnia caters to gamers of all backgrounds, ages, and levels of experience. These monitors are not simply designed for play, but rather, they offer an inclusive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors Earn Prestigious Wins at the 2023 iF Design and Red Dot Awards

Headlining Success: The Philips Evnia Gaming Monitor 8000 Gaming Series

The Philips Evnia 8000 Gaming Series has been awarded the Red Dot Award for Outstanding Design in Computer and Information Technology. This series sets a new standard for visual excellence with its 4K OLED displays, delivering lifelike visuals with deeper black details and a wider viewing angle. The 42M2N8900 model, with its 42″ screen size, supports HDMI 2.1 compatibility and boasts a remarkable 138Hz refresh rate, providing a smooth and high-quality gaming experience. With AMD FreeSync™ Premium technology, tear-free and stutter-free gameplay is guaranteed at peak performance, giving serious gamers a competitive edge with fluid gameplay.

The Evnia 8000 Series also features two other powerful QD OLED monitors, the 34M2C8600 and 49M2C8900, which combine OLED panels and quantum dot technology. The 49M2C8900, the larger of the two models, has also received the prestigious international iF Design Award 2023. With an expansive 48.9-inch screen size and an optimal resolution of 5120 x 1440 @ 240 Hz, this monitor delivers an immersive gaming experience.

Certified with VESA ClearMR 8000, the 49M2C8900 maintains high image quality with minimal blur, while also featuring true 10-bit color reproduction for smoother gradients that meet professional standards. Additional features such as LowBlue Mode, Flicker-free technology, and DTS Sound™ enhance comfort and audio quality. The built-in KVM allows for easy control and switching between two devices, reducing cable clutter.

Monitors in the Philips Evnia 8000 Series also offer other noteworthy features such as Ambiglow technology, which adds a new dimension to the viewing experience by creating a halo of light around the monitor, USB type-C connection with single-cable power delivery for high-speed data transfers and device charging, and SmartImage game mode, which provides optimized settings for different gaming scenarios. Moreover, Ultra Wide-Color Technology delivers a wider range of colors, making images and media more vibrant and lifelike. Overall, these Philips Evnia gaming monitors are designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive experience for professionals and gamers alike.

Prestigious Win for Philips Evnia 7000 Gaming Series

The Philips Evnia 7000 Gaming Series has also been celebrated at the Red Dot Award 2023 in Computer and Information Technology. This series features a 34″ WQHD gaming monitor that offers exceptional immersion. With a 21:9 aspect ratio, Mini LED panel boasting 1152 zones of local dimming, and HDR1400 certification, this monitor delivers crystal-clear images with impressive color and contrast. The 165Hz refresh rate ensures ultra-smooth, lag-free gaming, complemented by AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro for true HDR gaming. The curved display design enhances immersion, while Ambiglow technology creates a captivating halo of light for an intensified viewing experience.

This monitor goes beyond visuals, incorporating practical elements such as low input lag and a built-in KVM for multi-device control. Innovative SmartImage game modes optimize the gaming experience. Its VA display technology offers wide viewing angles, alongside LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology for easy-on-the-eyes viewing. USB-C connectivity and DTS Sound™ also provide enhanced audio and convenient connectivity. This Philips Evnia gaming monitor combines cutting-edge technology with ergonomic design to elevate the gaming experience.

Recognition for Philips Evnia 5000 Gaming Series

The Philips Evnia 5000 Gaming Series has been honored at the Red Dot Award 2023 in Computer and Information Technology. This series features a curved 27″ Quad HD monitor that combines speed and visual brilliance. Equipped with AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro, it ensures flawless HDR gaming with smooth gameplay, stunning high dynamic range visuals, and minimal latency. The monitor’s rapid 240 Hz refresh rate guarantees an unparalleled immersion, rendering fast-paced sequences with absolute clarity for FPS and racing games.

Boasting low input lag, the monitor also significantly reduces the time delay between commands and on-screen responses, making it ideal for competitive gaming. complementing low input lag is a swift 0.5 ms response time, which eliminates smearing and motion blur, providing crisp visuals for twitch-sensitive games. Additionally, the curved design enhances immersion, and the VA display delivers vivid images with wide viewing angles.

Other impressive features in the Evnia 5000 Gaming series include SmartImage HDR modes that optimize visuals for various content, LowBlue Mode and Flicker-free technology to enhance eye comfort, and quick menu access through the EasySelect key. All these features come together in Quad HD clarity, leading to this Philips Evnia gaming monitor delivering a captivating and efficient gaming experience.

Philips Evnia: A Brand Philosophy Dedicated to Innovation and Community

Philips Evnia is a gaming brand of Philips monitors that aims to redefine the gaming landscape. Its goal is to provide a space for everyone interested in the gaming world, regardless of gender, age, or gaming expertise. Evnia’s progressive and inventive approach fosters a contemporary atmosphere in the gaming domain, leveraging the vast experience of the Philips brand. Philips Evnia serves as a spirited advocate for positive change within the gaming industry, offering support to those seeking their place in the gaming world. The brand believes that gaming knows no bounds and seeks to rekindle and reimagine the joy of gaming.

The achievements earned by Philips Evnia underscore Philips’ unwavering dedication to providing avant-garde, captivating, and user-friendly gaming experiences. Philips Evnia not only epitomizes excellence in technology and design but also stands as a symbol of inclusivity and positive transformation within the gaming sphere.

Evnia offers an extensive selection of monitors and gaming accessories that cater to a myriad of gaming preferences and needs. From cutting-edge design to state-of-the-art technology, the brand offers diverse options tailored for every gamer, where the fusion of innovation and inclusivity promises unparalleled gaming experiences.

About Evnia

Evnia is the gaming brand of Philips monitors. Launched in October 2022, Evnia aims to provide a space for everyone interested in the gaming world through its award-winning products. By designing high-performance gaming monitors with an elegant design, Evnia communicates versatility, inclusiveness, and innovation.

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