Palestinian Envoy Highlights Richness of Vietnamese Cultural Attire

At a press conference held by the Provincial People's Committee on September 6, Saadi Salama, Palestinian ambassador to Vietnam, expressed his enthusiasm to contribute to the success of the upcoming Festival of ao ba ba in Hau Giang and to spread awareness of the region to the international community.

Palestinian Ambassador Spreads Beauty of Traditional Vietnamese Clothes
Saadi Salama, Palestinian ambassador to Vietnam shared about the Vietnamese ao ba ba (loose-fitting blouse) and the Southern region.

According to Ambassador Saadi Salama, it is important to foster cultural preservation and exploration alongside the development of trade and investment relations with countries, provinces, and cities in the region.

The Festival of Ao Ba Ba (loose-fitting blouse) in Hau Giang is scheduled for the year 2023. It promises to offer an excellent platform for international individuals to discover the province’s capabilities in fostering economic growth, trade, and investment opportunities.

Palestinian Ambassador Spreads Beauty of Traditional Vietnamese Clothes
Saadi Salama, Palestinian ambassador to Vietnam and delegates took photos at the press conference.

During the press conference, Ho Thu Anh, vice chairman of Hau Giang Provincial People’s Committee, announced that the festival is part of a series of exemplary events commemorating the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hau Giang province (January 1, 2004-January 1, 2024).

The event’s main intention is to showcase the distinctive cultural richness of the people residing in Western Vietnam. This endeavor aims to serve as a captivating attraction for tourists planning to visit the cherished Southern region, while simultaneously ensuring the preservation of its traditional cultural heritage.

Palestinian Ambassador Spreads Beauty of Traditional Vietnamese Clothes
Some Vietnamese loose-fitting blouse in the collection showcased at the festival..

According to Minh Hanh, a prominent designer and the General Director of the festival, the ao ba ba (also known as the ao dai) has emerged as a distinctive symbol of the Vietnamese culture and has the potential to be shared with the global community.

The festival aims to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Southern region, highlighting the significant contributions made by the Vietnamese people in various domains. It seeks to foster cross-cultural understanding and appreciation among audiences, both domestically and internationally.

Palestinian Ambassador Spreads Beauty of Traditional Vietnamese Clothes
The festival will take place for 3 days (from September 29 to October 1) in Vi Thanh city.

The festival will be held over a span of three days, from September 29th to October 1st, in the vibrant city of Vi Thanh. Attendees can look forward to a plethora of activities including art performances, fashion showcases, music performances, gastronomic delights, photo exhibitions, a painting competition, and an exciting parade.

Our event showcases the rich and cherished traditions of our nation, encompassing the essence of Southern culture. The highlight of the event will be an exquisite art performance featuring the timeless ao ba ba (Vietnamese loose-fitting blouse). Additionally, there will be a captivating photo exhibition showcasing the evolution of this traditional attire. Guests will also have the opportunity to indulge in authentic Southern cuisine and enjoy mesmerizing Don ca tai tu performances.

We are excited to showcase our exquisite collection of Vietnamese loose-fitting blouses, expertly crafted using premium Cau Duc pineapple fabric from Hau Giang province. These stunning creations are further enhanced with luxurious silk sourced from talented silk weavers in Bao Loc (Lam Dong province) and Nha Xa (Ha Nam province). We invite you to witness the harmonious combination of these exceptional materials at our upcoming exhibit.

Palestinian Ambassador Spreads Beauty of Traditional Vietnamese Clothes
The festival contributes to preserving and promoting cultural identity.

The Ao Ba Ba, a loose-fitting blouse worn by Southern women, holds great cultural significance as a traditional costume. It embodies the strength and resilience of Vietnamese women, serving as a symbol of their bravery in defending the country and standing up against foreign invaders.

Female farmers in the Mekong River Delta traditionally donned a black blouse during their field work. This blouse features side slits along the hips and two large outer pockets, providing convenient functionality for the wearers.

Today, the traditional ao ba ba has been transformed into a sleek, tailored blouse with a stylish collar. In the 1970s, this iconic garment featured seamless sleeves and shoulders, with separate flaps extending from the sleeves and shoulders. The lengthened and flared sleeves added a touch of elegance. In some variations, the outer pockets were removed, resulting in a more refined and delicate appearance.

Rosie Nguyen