Overseas Vietnamese Maintain Efforts to Retain National Identity Overseas

On Vietnam National Fatherland Day 2023, the global celebration will take place mainly in Germany and Laos to commemorate the legacy of the Hung Kings and to recognize the efforts of overseas Vietnamese who strive to keep the homeland's culture alive outside of its borders.


According to the Global Vietnam Fatherland Day Project Board, the event will take place in Germany on April 23rd, Laos on April 29th, and virtually on April 29th. Expatriates from nearly 20 countries are expected to attend the event, both in-person and online. This is an exciting opportunity to celebrate Vietnam’s rich culture and heritage, while also bringing together people from around the world.

Overseas Vietnamese Uphold Mission to Preserve National Characteristics Abroad
Hung Kings Commemoration Ceremony in Laos in 2021.

The board also said that while the ceremony is usually held online, this year, thanks to the generous support of the member board in Laos, the Vietnamese Association in Laos, and the Vietnamese Association in Vientiane, Viet expats in Laos will be able to organize an in-person ceremony.

According to the Organizing Committee, Germany and Laos were chosen as the locations for the Global Vietnam Fatherland Day celebrations due to their significant Vietnamese populations. Both countries possess vibrant, committed, and reliable Global Vietnam Fatherland Day Project Boards and receive generous donations from benefactors to enable the hosting of in-person events.

Overseas Vietnamese Uphold Mission to Preserve National Characteristics Abroad
Hung Kings Commemoration Ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City.

This year’s event consists of three parts: a solemn ceremony to pay tribute to the ancestors, a celebratory event themed “Return to Vietnam”, and an international conference to honor the nation’s values and virtues.

The tribute ceremony will be held to commemorate the death anniversary of the Hung Kings in the Hung Temple in Phu Tho Province, and in other provinces across the country.

At the “Return to Vietnam” celebration, the organizing board will hold a session to “Honor outstanding descendants of Hung Kings worldwide – 2023”, in which individuals and collectives from 15 countries will be recognized for their contributions to the solidarity between Vietnam and its international friends.

The international conference will feature sessions attended by intellectuals, scientists, scholars, international students, expatriates, and international experts.

Overseas Vietnamese Uphold Mission to Preserve National Characteristics Abroad
Ceremony to honor the descendants of King Hung globally in 2020.

It aims to celebrate the national day of Vietnam (September 2) through activities and events held around the world.

The Global Vietnam National Fatherland Day project was established by Viet expats in seven countries during the 10th “National Patriotic Emulation Congress” in Hanoi (2015). Its purpose is to commemorate Vietnam’s National Day (September 2) with activities and events held around the globe. Through this initiative, the Vietnamese diaspora is able to honor their homeland and share its rich cultural heritage with the world.

The project seeks to connect Vietnamese expatriates and international friends in order to preserve and celebrate intangible cultural values, specifically the Hung Kings worshiping heritage. This heritage reflects the strong sense of national unity among the Vietnamese people and provides an opportunity to promote dialogue between Vietnam and other cultures around the world. By doing this, the project will help to spread Vietnamese cultural values to international friends and recognize the valuable contributions of other countries.

Overseas Vietnamese Uphold Mission to Preserve National Characteristics Abroad
A Vietnamese family in Japan celebrates the death anniversary of Hung Kings.

Over the past eight years, the project’s organizing board has called for support from Vietnamese and foreign scientists, scholars, organizations, and press to hold diverse programs and consolidate friendship between Vietnam and the global community. Statues of the Hung Kings have been established in ten countries, and Viet expats and foreigners in 50 countries have united to contribute to research and social works related to the Hung Kings worshiping ritual.

Valerie Mai