Opportunities for Vietnamese Pepper Exports to France

There are great business opportunities for Vietnamese pepper exporters in France

Opportunities for Vietnamese Pepper Exports to France
Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang at the event. Source: Vietnamese embasy

The Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA) in collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) and the Vietnamese Embassy in France on October 14 held an event in Paris to connect trade and promote promote Vietnamese pepper and spice products to the European market.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to France Dinh Toan Thang said that the great interest of businesses in this key Vietnamese spice at the event is a great opportunity for the two sides to directly exchange information and understand each other’s needs, thereby developing trade between partners.

The ambassador affirmed that the governments of France and Vietnam at all levels are ready to support manufacturers and companies in both countries to maintain good trade flows as well as the operation of supply chains, mobilizing all efforts to recover from the pandemic and work together for equitable and sustainable development.

France is an important market in the European Union (EU). In terms of import and export turnover, France is currently ranked 4th in the region, after Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, but it is a potential market. The market share of Vietnam’s pepper exports to France accounts for 10% of the total export market share to the EU.

According to the European Statistics Agency (Eurostat), Vietnam’s pepper market share in France’s total imports will increase from 37.61% in 2020 to 40.81% in 2021.

Vu Anh Son, representative of the Trade Office, Vietnamese Embassy in France, said that this is the first time a Vietnamese association has found a new direction in its approach to partners, connecting between buyers and sellers, export enterprises, towards building a sustainable brand. The Vietnamese pepper enterprises participating in this delegation are all have good export potential, which will be the right time for Vietnam’s pepper industry to invest in brand development in France and Europe.

Opportunities for Vietnamese Pepper Exports to France
Vietnam is emerging as a major spices supplier in the global market. The country has been the world’s No.1 pepper bean exporter for 18 years. Source: Vietnamese embasy

Statistics from the VPA revealed that Vietnam last month shipped 16,500 tonnes of pepper abroad for USD 66 million.

The latest addition has brought the quality of pepper export in the first eight months of this year to 162,000 tonnes, valued at USD 739 million. During the period, pepper exports plunged 19% in volume but were up 11% in value year-on-year.

Vietnamese pepper products have continued a leading position in the global pepper industry with the export volume accounting for 60% of global consumer demand.

According to VPA President Hoang Thi Lien, in order for Vietnamese pepper products to be sold on supermarket shelves in France like rice, departments in Vietnam need to make more efforts. VPA plays a leading role, accompanying exporters, farmers and producers. In addition, the role of local representative agencies such as the trade office and the embassy is also very important, especially in providing information and connecting closely with French partners.

On this occasion, the VPA is attending the Sial Paris International Food Exhibition 2022 from October 15 to 19. Attending the fair is a good opportunity to promote the national brand image for Vietnam’s food industry in the EU market in particular and in the world in general, including the pepper and spice industry.

Products of eight enterprises specializing in pepper and spice products are on display at the exhibition.

The EU is now the world’s largest spices market.

Hannah Nguyen