Noi Bai Airport Tops List for Business Travelers

Hanoi's Noi Bai International Airport has been crowned as "The Best Airport in the World for Business Travelers" with an impressive average rating of 6.80/10, based on a recent global survey conducted by

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In a recent global survey report released by, 14 of the 20 best international airports for business travelers are in Asia and the Middle East.

With an average rating of 6.80/10, Noi Bai International Airport was voted the best Asian airport in the world. With a score of 6.63/10, Changi Airport (Singapore) ranked second and Hong Kong International Airport (China) ranked third, reaching 6.48 points.

Noi Bai International Airport Ranks World’s Best Airport for Business Travelers

Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi won first place for many reasons like countless amazing facilities, especially the sky view building with observatory and suitable facilities for aviation enthusiasts.

“The terminals are extremely clean and the airport staff are very friendly. There are also great culinary options,” commented BusinessFinancing.

Besides Noi Bai, the list of the 10 best airports in Asia includes some famous terminals like Hamad (Qatar); Narita, Haneda (Japan), Kempegowda (India), or Chhatrapati Shivaji, Indira Gandhi Airport.


To find the best and worst reviews in the world, BusinessFinancing collated all passenger reviews for major international airports from Airline Quality data and calculated a ranking. average from participants classified as “business travelers”.

Previously, Noi Bai International Airport also ranked high among the best airports worldwide. In August 2023, the Casago site – specializing in management, and rental of houses and resort hotels, announced a ranking of the world’s best airports based on the criterion of short queuing times. In particular, Vietnam’s Noi Bai Airport ranked 11/20, surpassing Narita Airport – Japan and Incheon – Korea.

In 2019, Noi Bai was also included in the “Top 100 best airports in the world” (World’s Top 100 Airports 2019) of the aviation evaluation and ranking organization Skytrax for the fourth time in a row. Skytrax praised Noi Bai’s efforts to improve service quality, synchronously deploying a series of utility services at passenger terminals. It offers drinking water dispensers. ; internet kiosks, shuttle buses, electric vehicles serving disabled passengers, and phone charging points, all free of charge.

Passengers checking in at Noi Bai International Airport (Photo:

During the past 7 days of the Lunar New Year holiday (from February 8 to 14), Noi Bai Airport served more than 550 thousand passengers departing and arriving in absolute safety through the Port. In particular, during this time, many passengers were surprised and excited to receive New Year’s greetings from the staff and watch traditional music performances at Terminal T1 and Terminal T2 of Noi Bai International Airport.

“I have been to many airports in the world, beautiful and modern, but coming to Noi Bai, I see that Vietnamese culture is very different. People here have a rich cultural tradition,” an international guest shared the pleasant experience while in Noi Bai.

Fanasy Nguyen Le