Nhat Tan apricot blossom blooms in vibrant Tet colors

As the Tet holiday draws near, the apricot blossoms at Nhat Tan Garden are bursting with vibrant colors, ready to captivate the bustling city markets.


Just a few weeks before the Tet holiday, Nhat Tan Garden in Hanoi is adorned in its finest attire with thousands of apricot trees in full bloom.

The apricot blossom, along with kumquat, is a popular Tet decoration in northern Vietnam. People are drawn to its slender yet vibrant petals and the auspicious meaning it carries. This beautiful pink flower, which blooms only once a year, is believed to bring good luck, happiness, and health to Vietnamese families.

These days, visitors and customers, mostly traders, flock to Nhat Tan peach village in search of trees or branches of flowering apricots.
The blooming apricots grown by farmer Nguyen Van An from Nhat Tan Flower Village in Tay Ho District, Hanoi are now available for sale.
The prices for apricot branches range from VND150,000 (approximately US$6) to VND500,000 (approximately $20) each.
There are two types of Nhat Tan Apricot: “Dao bich” or Apricot Blossom with dark pink tiny flowers, and “Dao phai” or Apricot Blossom with light pink ones.
Each type of apricot requires specific care to ensure it blooms in time for Tet.
Flower growers must remove all the leaves from dark pink apricot trees 45 days before Tet, while for light pink apricot trees, it should be done around 75 days in advance.
An apricot tree is considered beautiful when it boasts uniform large flowers and many remaining buds.
The exquisite tiny flowers have dozens of small petals and emit no fragrance.
These apricot blossoms are harvested early and sold at the Quang Ba flower market.
The weather forecast predicts a cold Tet holiday, signifying a bountiful harvest for the apricot growers at Nhat Tan Garden.