NGOs Strengthen Forecast-Based Early Action in Vietnam

Forecast-based early action is emerging among humanitarian and disaster risk management practitioners as an approach that can reduce the impact of shocks on vulnerable people and their livelihoods, improve the effectiveness of emergency preparedness, response and recovery efforts.

At the event. Photo: World Vision Vietnam
At the event. Photo: World Vision Vietnam

World Vision Vietnam collaborated with the Department of Dike Management and Disaster Prevention and Control, the Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, CARE International in Vietnam and Plan International Vietnam to organize a review conference on the “Enhancing Forecast-Based Early Action for Effective Disaster Preparedness” (FBEA-SEA) on March 16-17 in Hanoi.

Attending the workshop, representatives from government and disaster prevention agencies, international organizations, and local representatives shared and exchanged experiences and made recommendations on the implementation of the Inclusive and gender-responsible forecast-based early actions (FBEA).

After 21 months of implementation in areas severely affected by extreme weather in Binh Thuan and Quang Tri province, the project supported 536 households with cash allowances and provided them with tools to prepare for and prevent disaster risks. In addition, four Commanding Committees for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control and rapid response teams in four project communes were supported to implement response and relief activities at the scene.

Dr. Than Thi Ha, operations director, World Vision Vietnam, shared, “As a child-focused organization, World Vision always strives to explore and apply new technologies to working with local and community partners to improve child well-being sustainably. We are pleased to be a part of the project and witness the positive impacts that the project has brought to the people in Ham Thuan Bac district – where our organization is in charge of implementing the component of the project.”

With a total budget of approximately USD 174,000, the “Forecast-based Early Action” project is jointly implemented by World Vision Vietnam with PLAN International in Vietnam, CARE International in Vietnam, and local partners from October 2021 to December 2022, under funding from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Operations (ECHO).

A drill to respond to an upcoming strong storm in Thuan commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. Photo: CARE International in Vietnam
A drill to respond to an upcoming strong storm in Thuan commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. Photo: CARE International in Vietnam

The project aims to improve the disaster response situation of the government and vulnerable communities through supporting activities to raise awareness, strengthen capacity and increase resilience. At the same time, the project also develops an early response mechanism based on forecasts about possible natural severe disasters. It helps strengthen the active role of the authorities, related organizations, and the community in response activities, thereby reducing human, economic, social, and environmental risks.

Sharing by local officials and evaluation by the advisory group shows that the project’s interventions have a high degree of relevance to project groups, coalition members and also at the policy level. The project has a positive impact on early action awareness, readiness and adaptability of both local people and officials.

The conference also introduced participants to early action training materials and a gender-responsive and comprehensive early action training model. This knowledge will help the community to raise awareness and change behavior, actively develop local communication materials and most importantly, improve disaster response capacity.

Hannah Nguyen