Newly Constructed Classrooms with PP23 Funds Delivered to Phu Yen Vocational College

At Hoa Dinh Tay Primary School in Vietnam, US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc E. Knapper and leaders of the Pacific Partnership 2023 (PP23) mission officially opened three new classrooms, constructed during the PP23 visit. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place to commemorate the occasion.


US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc Knapper recently attended the inauguration ceremony of three classrooms at Hoa Dinh Tay elementary school in the south central province of Phu Yen. The classrooms were funded by the PP23.

These three classrooms, with a total area of about 107m2, were constructed by 29 members of the PP23 construction team in 47 consecutive days from July 2023 onwards. The team also improved the courtyard and the concrete road leading to the classrooms to enhance safety for students.

Spacious New classrooms Supported by PP23 Handed Over to Phu Yen
US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc Knapper at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Photo: US Embassy in Hanoi

According to Ambassador Knapper, these new classrooms are a testament to the 28-year bilateral relationship between the United States and Vietnam. While the classrooms themselves are functional and sustainable, it is the teachers and students who give meaning and purpose to this building.

“The new classrooms will contribute to improving learning opportunities for the children of Phu Hoa district, enabling them to confidently build the future of Vietnam. Furthermore, it emphasizes the shared belief that preparing the next generation to tackle challenges at the local, national, or global level is essential for a successful future,” said Knapper.

On the same day, August 18, the Pacific Partnership 2023 (PP23) concluded in Tuy Hoa city.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Knapper highlighted the PP23 as evidence of the members’ commitment to security cooperation and people-to-people diplomacy. The activities carried out during the partnership demonstrate the shared interests of the involved parties in regional stability and security, including disaster response capabilities and humanitarian support when needed.

Spacious New classrooms Supported by PP23 Handed Over to Phu Yen
Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee Dao My hands over the symbol of Nghinh Phong Tower to US Ambassador to Vietnam Marc Knapper. Photo: Phong Nha/

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the bilateral comprehensive partnership, the US will continue to enhance bilateral ties in the humanitarian field. Over the past 18 years, the program has translated leaders’ commitments into numerous specific activities, striving for a safer and more secure future for the people,” he said.

Dao My, vice chairman of the Phu Yen People’s Committee, commended the efforts and determination of the PP23 delegation’s doctors in providing free surgeries, sharing knowledge and experiences on natural disaster prevention and control, and fostering friendship between the people of Vietnam and the US.

Spacious New classrooms Supported by PP23 Handed Over to Phu Yen
Navy and Army surgeons are assisting their Vietnamese counterparts. Photo: US Embassy in Hanoi

The PP23, held from August 9-18, included school construction, medical training workshops, free surgeries, and musical exchanges. The program enables participants, including US and Vietnamese personnel, to enhance disaster response capacities and build enduring friendships. This year’s mission included nearly 1500 personnel from the US and partner nations such as Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand, and the UK.

Hannah Nguyen