New Vietnam Book Showcasing Contemporary Indochinese Art Unveiled

Having a research experience of over 10 years and professional expertise, Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier narrates the remarkable journey of prominent individuals during this era in a meticulously crafted book that combines an array of extensive documents and captivating imagery.


To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Fine Arts University, an official launch event was held in Vietnam for the book “L’Art moderne en Indochine” by researcher Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, president of the Association of Asian Artists in Paris. The event was co-hosted by the Association of Asian Artists in Paris, Aguttes Auction house, In Fine éditions d’art, French Institute in Vietnam, and Viet Art View Company.

Charlotte Aguttes-Reynier, author of the book “L’Art moderne en Indochine”, President of the Association of Asian artists, Paris at the book launching event in Hanoi. Source: Viet Art View

The book, published by In Fine éditions d’art, provides elaborate research on the history of the Indochina Fine Arts College from 1925 to 1945. It covers the establishment, development, operations, achievements, outstanding lecturers and students, and works of the college.

The event aims to honor the contributions and achievements of the lecturers and students of Indochina Fine Arts College in laying the foundation for Vietnam’s modern fine arts.

During the event, Aguttes-Reynier shared her research process and discussed both Indochina modern art and Vietnamese modern art. She interacted with guests and signed copies of the book.

Hannah Nguyen