“Must-try” travel experiences on Ha Long Bay

Sleeping overnight on the bay, savoring seafood, kayaking, etc are among interesting experiences that tourists should not miss when visiting Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


As a Natural Wonder of the World, Ha Long Bay is loved by both domestic and foreign tourists. The bay not only possesses a stunning landscape with thousands of large and small islands, but it also offers visitors interesting experiences.

Sleeping overnight on the bay

“Must-try” travel experiences on Ha Long Bay
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Tourists often explore Ha Long Bay in a day. However, to fully experience the magnificent beauty of this natural wonder, tourists can embark on tours of 2 days a night, or 3 days 2 nights on cruises.

“Must-try” travel experiences on Ha Long Bay
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There is nothing more perfect than enjoying dinner and sleeping overnight amidst the romantic scenery on the bay.

In the early morning, you can admire the glorious sunrise, do yoga, or just simply take a sip of coffee while contemplating blue bay, reflecting mighty islands, according to Zing News.

Savoring seafood

“Must-try” travel experiences on Ha Long Bay
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Blessed with not only majestic beauty but Ha Long is also a paradise for culinary fanatics, especially for those who love eating seafood. Seafood is fresh and scrumptious. Apart from already popular seafood such as crab, shrimp, fish, squid, Ha Long has a variety of attractive specialties awaiting visitors to relish such as oysters or sam bien (horseshoe crab), etc.

Seafood in Ha Long is processed in both simple and sophisticated ways. Some types of seafood like shrimp, squid are often steamed or grilled to maintain their sweet and delicious taste. Meanwhile, fish, snails, crabs, etc are processed in more complex ways, bringing unforgettable experiences for food lovers.


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In addition to admiring Ha Long Bay from boats or yachts, young people and tourists loving exploration are into kayaking. Each kayak can carry two people.

Travelers can hire kayaks at the wharves. Discovering the bay by kayak, you will have the opportunity to visit islets and get a closer insight into the life of fishermen. Floating on the blue seawater and relishing the fresh atmosphere will be surely the best therapy for you to relieve stress after long busy days at work.

Viewing the bay from seaplanes

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Viewing the bay from seaplanes is a new form of tourism that has recently been offered to tourists. During the 25-minute flight, you will have the chance to take in the entire view of the bay and fully enjoy its breath-taking beauty.

It can be said that Ha Long not only boasts majestic natural scenery but also brings tourists various experiences. Each season, each island on the bay has its own charm waiting for visitors to discover.