Must-Try Delectable Winter Treats in Hanoi

Hanoi's street food paradise offers a wide range of options for every food lover, from sweet and indulgent to tangy and savory.


Sweet Donut

The first item on the list is Hanoi’s famous winter snack: sweet donuts. Fun flavors of sweet donuts to try this winter include sweet-groundcoated and brown-sugar coated.

The price ranges from VND 5,000 to 7,000 / donut (US $0.21 – 0.29), which is more expensive than other regular donuts.

This finger food can be addictive. In some provinces across Vietnam, local people enjoy it for breakfast with milk, tea, or coffee. Hanoians usually eat sweet donuts as an afternoon snack because the sweetness helps alleviate the stagnant feeling.


Pork Rib Porridge

If you are looking for something light for your stomach, this porridge dish is perfect. Delicious, hot rib porridge has long been a light breakfast or late-night snack for Hanoi people.

Hanoi regular rib porridge is made from ground rice flour. The cook must constantly stir the porridge to keep it smooth and non-greasy. The sweetness of the ribs, the crispiness of the fried shrimp, the saltiness of the shrimp paste or the slight spiciness from the pepper are enough for a hot bowl of porridge to warm up a winter day.


Vendor sellers are the go-to places for a quick and delicious porridge treat. You can also find small eateries at Dong Xuan market, Cua Bac street, or Huyen alley. These rib porridge places are usually busy this time of the year, so make sure to come and grab the food before it sells out.

Herbal Medicine Chicken Noodle Soup

The combination of noodles, chicken, herbal medicine, mugwort… creates a nutritious dish in Hanoi’s winter. In some shops, chicken is stewed in beer cans with lotus seeds, yucca, goji berries… making the meat both tender and rich.


At night, enjoying a hot bowl of noodles fragrant with herbal medicine and mugwort is enough to warm your heart. Chicken noodle soup is mostly sold at roadside shops. A bowl costs around VND 50,000 – 65,000. The more additional toppings you wish to add to your bowl, the more expensive it gets. You can choose quail egg, vegetables, or chicken for toppings. The serving size is similar to a bowl of pho but not as heavy. After finishing this chicken noodle soup, you will have a clean and healthy taste.

Banh Duc


There are both summer and winter versions of Banh Duc. Enjoying a bowl of Banh Duc in the cold is a great experience for foodies who love saltiness. This dish is usually made from rice flour and eaten with stir-fried meat with wood ear mushrooms and fish sauce. The rich, fragrant flavors will melt together in your mouth as soon as you take the first scoop. For extra flavors, ask for fried onions and coriander to be added to your Banh Duc. Some addresses in Hanoi for diners to refer to are on Le Ngoc Han Street, C4 Trung Tu collective – Pham Ngoc Thach…

Banh Troi

Zoey Nguyễn