Music Exchange Between Blind Artists from Vietnam and South Korea

On the evening of October 12, at Au Co Art Center, Hanoi, the Vietnam Blind Association in collaboration with Siloam Foundation for the Blind (South Korea) organized a music exchange program "Connection of Love" organized by Vietnamese and Korean blind artists perform.


The program aims to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and South Korea (December 22, 1992 – December 22, 2022).

Music Exchange Between Blind Artists from Vietnam and South Korea
Traditional Korean Orchestra of the Blind performed at the music exchange program “Connection of Love”. Photo: Hanh Tran.

Dinh Viet Anh, Vice president of the Vietnam Blind Association, noted during the opening ceremony that music is significant in the lives of the blind. In addition to fostering happiness, optimism, and the desire to succeed in life, music also fosters greater understanding and camaraderie among those who are blind.

Dinh Viet Anh asserts that the performances at the event today will promote optimism and good morals in society as well as foster love relationships and friendships between the blind and the people of the two nations.

There are 25 members of the Korean delegation of visually impaired artists traveling to Vietnam for this exchange event, including musicians and vocalists using both traditional and contemporary instruments. At the exchange, there will be 4 joint performances between the two countries and 3 individual performances from Vietnam and South Korea.

The representative of Siloam organization presented the sponsor sign for the project of printing Braille textbooks and online library for the blind in Vietnam (Photo: Hanh Tran).
The representative of the Siloam organization presented the sponsor sign for the project of printing Braille textbooks and an online library for the blind in Vietnam Photo: Hanh Tran.

Tran Hai Van, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) said that over the past 30 years, the friendship and cooperation relationship between Vietnam and Korea had been promoted by the Vietnamese Government and the Republic of Korea. The people of the two countries pay attention to, promote and achieve outstanding achievements. In the field of cultural exchange, both Vietnam and Korea have regularly coordinated to organize many meaningful programs and activities, contributing to enhancing understanding and friendship between the two countries.

“In this regard, the current Vietnam-RoK music exchange program “Connection of Love” serves as a living illustration of the friendship, cultural exchange, and people-to-people ties that exist between the two nations, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea,” told Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation, Tran Hai Van.

In addition to an exchange performance with a delegation of Vietnamese visually impaired artists, Korean visually impaired artists exchanged at the Rehabilitation Training Center for the Blind (October 11 morning), University of Foreign Languages ​​- International Studies. Hanoi National University (October 11 evening) Nguyen Dinh Chieu Secondary School (October 14 afternoon) and Vietnam Women’s Academy (October 14 evening).

In recent years, besides domestic activities, the Vietnam Blind Association has always focused on promoting exchange and cooperation activities with international organizations. In particular, Siloam Organization for the Blind (Korea) has had many activities to support the blind in Vietnam in learning, vocational training, and music exchange.

In order to support braille printers, the printing of braille textbooks, massage training, online library operations for the blind, and online music exchange between the blind in South Korea, China, and Vietnam, the Siloam Foundation for the Blind (RoK) has signed a program agreement with the Central Association of Vietnam since 2018.

Activities carried out within the project’s framework have aided blind individuals in getting the chance to interact, share, and integrate worldwide while also assisting visually impaired pupils in overcoming obstacles and improving their academic performance.

In 2022, Siloam Foundation will continue to support the Vietnam Blind Association in printing braille textbooks and building a smart online library…

Ollie Le Nguyen
Thời Đại