Morocco Earthquake Survivors Supported by Vietnamese People

Moroccans of Vietnamese descent came together on September 8 to show solidarity and lend aid to victims of the devastating Ighil earthquake.


The Vietnamese Embassy in Morocco, in collaboration with the Vietnamese Association in Morocco and with the support of numerous Vietnamese friends, has dispatched the first shipments of essential goods, making a small contribution to the ongoing efforts of the Government and people of Morocco, as well as the international community, in overcoming the aftermath of the earthquake in Morocco.

These shipments consist of carefully prepared items specifically tailored to the needs of people in remote villages, including tents, blankets, mattresses, bed sheets, household items, baby supplies, and medicine. They were personally delivered to the doorsteps of recipients by members of the Vietnamese Association.

Vietnamese People Provides Aid to Morocco Earthquake Survivors
The shipments were carefully prepared according to the specific requirements of people in remote villages.

Caid, the head of the commune and representative of the local government, expressed deep gratitude for the compassion shown by the Vietnamese people through their donations and participation in the relief efforts. Moroccan friends chanted “Vietnam-Morocco are brothers” at the site.

On September 9, President Vo Van Thuong conveyed his message of sympathies to King Mohamed VI of Morocco for the significant loss of lives caused by the major earthquake in Ighil. Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh also extended sympathies to his Moroccan counterpart Aziz Akhannouch. National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue offered condolences to the President of the House of Councillors Naam Miyara and Speaker of the House of Representatives Rachid Talbi Alami. Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son also sent a message of condolences to the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriate Nasser.

According to international media, the earthquake on September 8 in Morocco claimed the lives of approximately 3,000 individuals and left around 5,000 people injured. It also caused extensive damage, with around 50,000 houses being destroyed or severely damaged. The rescue and recovery efforts in Morocco involve thousands of soldiers, police officers, civil defense forces, medical personnel, volunteers, and rescue experts. Alongside the search and retrieval of bodies buried under the rubble, the focus is on restoring access to many affected villages situated deep in canyons and on high hillsides that are inaccessible by road.

Vietnamese People Provides Aid to Morocco Earthquake Survivors
Moroccan friends chanted “Vietnam-Morocco are brothers.”

Last week, the Moroccan government announced the first phase of a post-earthquake reconstruction program, which includes the construction of 50,000 new residences and financial support ranging from USD 8,000 to 14,000 for each affected family whose home was destroyed or damaged. Experts estimate that the post-earthquake reconstruction in Morocco will require billions of dollars and could take several years to complete.

Hannah Nguyen