Miss Intercontinental Guides Tourists on Journey to Experience Beauty of Tay Do, Vietnam

Visitors to Tay Do now have the chance to experience far more than just "white rice and clear water" - they can explore the homeland of the former king and immerse themselves in its stunning natural beauty. Following in the footsteps of 2018 Miss Intercontinental Bao Ngoc, tourists can now discover what the ancient kingdom has to offer.


Miss Intercontinental Bao Ngoc stars in a tourism promotion video titled “Can Tho – River City,” taking viewers on a journey through her charming rural homeland. The video, just over 2 minutes long, showcases the vast, peaceful, and beautiful nature of Can Tho, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

This video is part of the Tourism Information Center’s efforts to promote communication and tourism on digital platforms and utilize technology for the development of tourism.

Miss Intercontinental Takes Tourists To Discover The Beauty Of Tay Do

Miss Bao Ngoc poses in front of Binh Thuy’s ancient house. Photo: Vietnam+

The video beautifully captures the pristine natural scenery and unique indigenous culture of the Western urban area. Can Tho, known as the capital of the Southwest region, offers visitors a chance to experience ecological models, gardens, and boat rides through picturesque villages surrounded by coconut groves and lush fruit gardens.

Miss Intercontinental Takes Tourists To Discover The Beauty Of Tay Do

The video also highlights the vibrant atmosphere of the Cai Rang floating market, showcasing boats filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, and local specialties. Floating markets are a distinctive cultural feature of the Mekong Delta.

Can Tho is not only blessed with natural beauty, but also with architectural works that hold historical and cultural significance. Binh Thuy’s ancient house, which has stood for nearly 150 years, combines elements of Eastern and Western cultures. The interior design is meticulous, and the surrounding gardens offer a lively and fresh scenery.

Miss Intercontinental Takes Tourists To Discover The Beauty Of Tay Do

In the journey to discover the roots, the Temple of the Hung Kings serves as a sacred connection point, showcasing the historical and cultural value of Can Tho. The temple’s unique design and attention to detail recreate the nation’s history through folk tales, heroic legends, and tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

Can Tho cuisine, although based on rustic Western ingredients, is prepared in a special way to create its own flavors. Duck and Fermented Tofu is a popular dish in the Southern region, particularly in Can Tho. This flavorful dish consists of duck and fermented tofu soup served with noodles and raw vegetables.

In addition to preserving its pristine features, Can Tho has also embraced new tourism trends such as MICE tourism, resort services, entertainment, and high-class sports.

Charlotte Pho