Michelin-Starred Chefs Prepare Meals for Attendees of Vietnam Family Day Festival

To celebrate Vietnam Family Day, the 2023 Eggs Festival will showcase 50 different egg dishes.


The Vietnamese Family Day 2023 Festival began in Hanoi on June 23 to celebrate Vietnam Family Day (June 28) and pay tribute to the traditional cultural values of Vietnamese families.

All activities at the Vietnam Art and Culture Exhibition Center, located at 2 Hoa Lu Street in Hanoi, will be running until June 25.

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Highlighted: the Eggs Festival 2023, a food festival showcasing 50 dishes that can be made using eggs, ranging from simple to sophisticated.

Content Improved: One of the most highly-anticipated events of the year is the Eggs Festival 2023. As a food festival dedicated solely to eggs, it offers a unique and exciting experience for food lovers of all kinds. With a showcase of 50 different egg dishes, this event truly celebrates the versatility and deliciousness that eggs bring to the table. From simple and classic preparations to more innovative and sophisticated creations, attendees can expect to be amazed by the creativity and skill on display. Whether you’re a fan of scrambled eggs or prefer eggs Benedict, there’s something for everyone at the Eggs Festival 2023. Don’t miss out on this egg-tastic culinary adventure!

The Egg Festival is a collaborative event organized by the Vietnam Art and Culture Exhibition Centre, the Hanoi Media Association, the Hanoi Professional Chefs Association, and the World Super Chefs Association in Việt Nam.

Visitors to the festival will have the opportunity to witness the expertise of Michelin-starred chefs as they showcase their culinary prowess by crafting inventive egg dishes. Whether it’s an everyday meal or a decadent creation from Vietnamese or international cuisine, the festival is dedicated to showcasing the art of egg processing and the boundless creativity it inspires.

 A delicacy made from eggs. Photo: Shutterstock

Famous Vietnamese and international chefs are set to showcase their culinary skills by preparing their signature egg dishes at this year’s festival, as stated by Pham Thanh Ha, the chairman of the Hanoi Media Association.

The festival will feature a dedicated section where visitors can explore a wide range of products from major enterprises in Vietnam’s culinary sector. This section will include an assortment of spices, coffee machines, and sauces made from eggs. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover and experience these products firsthand.

Through the diverse and exciting activities of the festival, families can immerse themselves in the rich culinary culture and participate in other engaging activities such as eggshell painting, egg art making, and egg drink preparation.

Families have the opportunity to contribute towards a meaningful cause by donating eggs for children with disabilities. As a token of gratitude, they will also receive a voucher to savor delectable egg dishes prepared by the talented chefs participating in the festival.

There was ALSO a photo zone decked out with a variety of eggs where visitors were able to snap selfies.

Another exciting event taking place during the Vietnamese Family Day Festival is the inaugural Vietnam-US Cultural Exchange Program in 2023.

This is a significant event commemorating the 28th Anniversary of Vietnam-US Diplomatic Relations, which occurred on July 11, 1995, and will continue to be celebrated until July 11, 2023.

The program offers a range of exciting cultural exchange activities, including rock music performances, a Harley Davidson Superbike photo section, an captivating performance, and a food exchange with the unique theme of “When Burger meets Banh mi”.

Content Improvement for “Stories behind Migrant Women Workers in Hanoi”:

Migrant women workers in Hanoi have compelling stories that shed light on the challenges they face in their daily lives. These women move to the city from rural areas in search of better job opportunities and improved living conditions. However, their journey is often fraught with difficulties, as they must navigate unfamiliar environments and deal with discrimination and exploitation.

One major struggle that migrant women workers in Hanoi face is finding suitable and safe housing. Many live in cramped and inadequate accommodations, often sharing small rooms with multiple other workers. This not only compromises their privacy and safety but also affects their overall well-being. With limited resources and little support from the government, these women are left to fend for themselves in their search for affordable and secure housing.

Another challenge that migrant women workers face is discrimination and exploitation in the workplace. Due to their vulnerable status as newcomers to the city, they are often taken advantage of by employers who offer low wages and poor working conditions. They are subjected to long working hours, hazardous environments, and sometimes even physical and sexual abuse. Despite these challenges, many migrant women workers continue to persevere and work hard to support themselves and their families back home.

The stories of these women highlight the urgent need for better protection and support for migrant workers in Hanoi. The government and relevant agencies should take proactive measures to ensure that these women are treated fairly and provided with safe working conditions. Efforts should be made to raise awareness about their struggles and encourage conversations about how to address the systemic issues that perpetuate their exploitation.

Additionally, NGOs and community organizations can play a crucial role in advocating for the rights of migrant women workers and providing them with the necessary support and resources. They can offer legal assistance, vocational training, and mental health support to help these women navigate the challenges they face.

Overall, the stories behind migrant women workers in Hanoi reveal a complex and troubling reality. It is crucial for society to recognize the hardships they endure and work towards creating a more equitable and inclusive environment for these resilient women.

As part of the vibrant Vietnamese Family Day 2023 Festival, attendees will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating photo exhibition titled “Where I Arrive.” This enthralling showcase features a collection of nearly 70 striking photographs that beautifully portray the compelling stories of female migrant workers in the vibrant city of Hanoi. Prepare to be moved and inspired as you delve into the lives and experiences of these remarkable women through the lens of talented photographers. Don’t miss this unique and thought-provoking exhibition at the festival!

They overcome all difficulties to take care of themselves, educate their children, and build a happy family.

The exhibition beautifully captures the diverse and often overlooked lives of women workers. From shippers and waitresses, to shop assistants, street vendors, and factory workers, each woman’s story is told with empathy and respect. Their struggles, triumphs, and everyday experiences come to life through thoughtfully curated displays and interactive exhibits. Visitors are invited to learn, engage, and gain a deeper understanding of the invaluable contributions these women have made to society.

The exhibition is thoughtfully organized into three distinct parts that delve into the experiences of migrant women workers. Beginning with “Where I Arrive,” this section delves into their journey from the countryside to find work and build a life in the city. It offers a deep exploration of the challenges and obstacles they face along the way.

The next part, “A Place I Leave,” delves into the conditions and pressures that these women experience in their daily lives. It highlights the sacrifices they make and the hardships they endure in order to support themselves and their families.

Finally, “Where I Belong to” explores the themes of home, identity, and belonging. It delves into the complex emotions and sense of displacement that migrant women often experience as they navigate between their rural roots and their new urban lives.

Through this carefully constructed exhibition, visitors gain a deeper understanding of the realities faced by migrant women workers. It sheds light on their struggles, resilience, and the urgent need for social and policy change to address their unique challenges.

June 28th holds a deep significance for Vietnam as it was designated as Vietnam Family Day in 2007 by former Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. This special day serves as a reminder for all ministries, departments, social organizations, and individuals to prioritize the crucial task of building strong and harmonious families. The ultimate aim is to attain prosperity, progress, equality, and happiness in Vietnamese society. By recognizing the importance of family and committing to its well-being, the nation takes a significant step towards an improved future.

A children’s performance at the opening ceremony of the Vietnam Family Day Festival. Photo courtesy of the organizer