Mesmerizing Beauty of Lak Lake: An Enchanting Sight to Behold

Located in Dak Lak, Lak Lake is a splendid destination that provides tourists with an authentic and serene experience in the heart of the Central Highlands.


Lak Lake is an incredibly beautiful lake in Vietnam, situated in Dak Lak, a province in the central highlands of Vietnam. Covering an area of about 500 hectares, it is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the country. The lake offers a mesmerizing view of the surrounding mountains, and despite its beauty, it has remained relatively undeveloped, giving travelers a sense of wilderness and tranquility.

Admire The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Lak Lake
Lak Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam, located in Dak Lak, a province in the central highlands of Vietnam. Photo: Vinpearl

Originating from the Chu Chang Sin mountain range and connected to the Krong Ana River, Lak Lake is situated in Lien Son town and is the second largest natural freshwater lake in Vietnam, after Ba Be Lake (Bac Can). It is surrounded by lush green forests and towering mountains, which provide a habitat for diverse flora, fauna, and aquatic resources.

The best time to visit Lak Lake is from September to December. The weather during this period is relatively cool and pleasant, perfect for outdoor activities.

Visitors can rent a boat to explore the scenic beauty of Lak Lake, enjoy the fresh air, and experience the peaceful, slow-paced life of the local people living near the lake.

Admire The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Lak Lake
The best time to visit Lak Lake is from September to December. Photo: Vinpearl

In addition to enjoying the scenic lake, tourists will also encounter various ethnic minority groups, particularly the Mnong people. Many of these communities used to reside on the lake, but they now live in stilt houses in villages surrounding the lake. Most Mnong villages can be found along the southern shores. Here, travelers will witness men fishing in wooden boats using nets and baskets, while women and children collect crayfish, crabs, small fish, and snails in knee-deep water.

Visiting the village offers a unique insight into their culture, which has remained largely unchanged over the years. The two most renowned villages are Buon Jun village and Buon Le village, located near Lien Son town. These villages also host various activities, including traditional gong music performances. Music, particularly played on gongs, holds great importance in Mnong rituals.

Elephant riding is one of the top attractions at Lak Lake Vietnam. With a selection of gentle giants ready to serve tourists, this activity provides a unique perspective of the surrounding villages, rice fields, and the lake. Visitors can choose from various service packages, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes, to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of the region.

Admire The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Lak Lake
Surrounded by lush greenery, Lak Lake Vietnam offers a peaceful escape. Photo: Vinpearl

The best way to explore the lake is on a traditional dugout canoe. These canoes are made by the local Mnong people and are primarily used for fishing. There are numerous places around the lake where tourists can rent these canoes. Sitting in a canoe as it glides gently and slowly on the lake is an unforgettable experience.

According to the legend of the Mo Nong people, in the past, the fire god defeated the water god after an intense battle lasting several farming seasons, resulting in a drought in the Mo Nong villages. During this time, a boy was born from the love between a Mo Nong girl and the fire god. In order to redeem himself and help the villagers, the boy went in search of water sources.

Admire The Mesmerizing Beauty Of Lak Lake
The best way to explore the lake is on a traditional dugout canoe. Photo: Local Vietnam

After traveling through rugged mountains filled with wild beasts for many days and nights, he came across a small eel trapped in a rock crevice, on the verge of death. He rescued the eel, and in return, it led him to a vast lake where the Mo Nong people eventually settled.

With an abundance of natural resources, the Mnong people prepare many special traditional dishes, including bitter eggplant and anchovy salad, Lam rice (rice cooked in a bamboo tree), Tro soup, and Reu Da soup.

Charlotte Pho