Meet youngest web designer in J-K who aims to open IT company and inspire youths

Sareer Shaukat, a 15-year-old, in Jammu and Kashmir’s Srinagar district is famous in the valley as the youngest web designer.

Sareer Shaukat, Youngest web designer in Srinagar (Photo/ANI)
Sareer Shaukat, Youngest web designer in Srinagar (Photo/ANI)

In today’s age where most young children spend their free time playing mobile games and sports, Sareer Shaukat not only learned all the nuances of web development and graphic designing by himself but also got a good handle on them.

This talented student from the Haiderpura area of Srinagar has developed dozens of websites of different types so far. Along with this, Sarir has also designed several logos and graphics. Interestingly, Shaukat Sarir has not received any training from anyone to become a graphics designer or web developer but is self-guided with the help of the internet.

Sareer Shaukat, a student of class IX has had a keen interest in computer science and information technology since he was just ten years old. Along with his studies, he spends most of his time on the computer and is busy learning web designing and graphics.

Although the young web developer has little interest in sports, Sarir Shaukat is also fond of animal husbandry, where he takes care of puppies outside the house and feeds them daily.

Sareer Shaukat belongs to a scholarly family and gets full support from his family. Sareer’s father is a professor by profession while his mother is provincial in the education department.

His mother expressed happiness over her child’s talent and said, “Parents should pave the way for their children to fulfil their dreams so that they can move towards the future.”

“I have a special interest in information technology and want to make my career in this field. I aim to serve my country and the nation with his talent,” Sareer said.

“I want to open my own IT company and provide employment to other youth as well as myself,” he added.

It is worth noting that Sareer currently has many clients who are very impressed and satisfied with this work. In such a situation, by attaining this position at such a young age, Sareer is emerging as an inspiration for other youths of the Kashmir valley. (ANI)