Maroon 5 impresses the crowd at 8Wonder Winter Festival in Phu Quoc

After the festival lights were taken down at the 8Wonder Winter Festival in Phu Quoc, the legendary pop-rock legends Maroon 5, accompanied by a lineup of talented Vietnamese artists, concluded the event with a mind-blowing series of performances that lasted for more than 6 hours.


More than 4 million online viewers from around the world tuned in to watch the incredible performance by Maroon 5 at Phu Quoc United Center. The 11,500 strong crowd gathered at the venue were left in awe by the headliners’ hit songs.

Maroon 5 mesmerized the participants with a stunning 75-minute show.

As soon as the first beats of their popular song ‘Moves Like Jagger’ resonated in the Phu Quoc Grand World Square, the excited crowd exploded with joy. The legendary band members appeared on the giant “Heavenly Sphere” stage under the theme “from twilight till first light”, backed by breathtaking visuals that illuminated the entire square.

The 75-minute performance included a selection of Maroon 5’s most beloved classics, taking the audience on a journey through three decades of musical excellence. Along with the energetic opening song, they performed hits like ‘This Love’, ‘Sunday Morning’, ‘Payphone’, ‘One More Night’, and ‘Sugar’.

Maroon 5’s craftsmanship and passion were evident to the fans present at the festival and those watching online. Each band member demonstrated their talent, from Matt Flynn’s explosive drumming, James Valentine & Jesse Carmichael’s intricate guitar work, Sam Farrar’s thunderous bass, to PJ Morton’s keyboard arrangements. The Grand World square transformed into a world-class “music paradise” as the familiar lyrics of each song resonated with cheers from the crowd.

Throughout the setlist, Adam Levine engaged the Phu Quoc audience by involving them in backing vocals on tracks like ‘This Love’, ‘Memories’, ‘Animals’, ‘Maps’, and ‘Don’t Wanna Know’.

However, the highlight of the evening was when Adam Levine ventured into the audience to serenade lucky fans while guitarist James Valentine accompanied him on ‘She Will Be Loved’. Levine’s charm was on full display when he used a fan’s phone to capture a selfie video with the audience, creating an unforgettable moment at the 8Wonder Winter Festival.

Expressing his joy in Vietnam and the band’s honor to perform at the festival, Adam Levine addressed the crowd, “We’re so honored to be here in beautiful Vietnam for our very first show. It took us 20 years to get here, but we’ll definitely come back, and next time it’ll definitely be sooner!”

Vietnamese stars contribute their talent, energy, and passion to an unforgettable night of music.

The Phu Quoc United Center not only hosted international superstars Maroon 5 but also featured a diverse lineup of famous Vietnamese artists. Explosive performances by Toc Tien and GreyD, Phuong Ly and JustaTee, Double2T and Xe Xe, and the band Mau Nuoc rocked the stage of the 8Wonder Winter Festival, captivating local music fans.

One of the unique highlights of the festival was the debut performance of the VF 7 Dragon Forged model, featuring alongside EDM virtuoso Touliver and the Hoang Thong dance group. This limited edition car, the VinFast VF 7, with only 68 units available, will go on sale from January 1, 2024.

The 8Wonder Winter Festival provided an excellent platform to showcase Phu Quoc as a majestic tropical island paradise with world-class beach resorts and stunning sunsets. Furthermore, the festival and its associated events and activities helped promote Vietnam as a top tourist destination for global travelers. Phu Quoc’s picturesque beaches and vibrant atmosphere were perfectly captured during the festival.

Prior to the festival, Juergen Doerr, CEO of Vinpearl, expressed his expectations, “After major music festivals like 8Wonder, we expect international tourists to know Vietnam as a country of beautiful, friendly, and unique tourist destinations. With the added value of world music superstars and the elevated level of event experience, 8Wonder will be the leverage for Phu Quoc and Vietnam to become world-famous, loved, and attractive destinations to attract many tourists to return.”

The significant investment in world-class facilities, professional crew, sound, lighting, stage equipment, and the participation of top Vietnamese music stars exceeded all expectations. The festival’s combination of culinary delights, entertainment, and exploration created an unforgettable experience for the thousands who traveled to Phu Quoc for this year’s event.

According to industry experts, Vietnam’s ability to organize world-class music events has been confirmed through two seasons of the 8Wonder Festival. With performances by Charlie Puth in Nha Trang earlier this year and Maroon 5 in Phu Quoc, the 8Wonder music festival has gained an elite status as one of the world’s top entertainment events, joining the ranks of Tomorrowland and Coachella.

As this year’s 8Wonder festival concludes, organizers can proudly look back on witnessing 6 hours of entertainment history in the beautiful sunset setting of Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Maroon 5’s blockbuster performance, accompanied by famous Vietnamese artists, has opened the door for more world-class events, further enhancing Vietnam’s popularity and positioning it as one of the world’s most attractive tourist destinations.