Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association Bolsters Overseas Vietnamese Community

Tran Thi Chang, the president of the Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association, highlighted the association's role in enhancing people-to-people ties and fostering closer connections with the Vietnamese community in Malaysia.

Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association Strengthens Overseas Vietnamese Community
MVFA President Tran Thi Chang in cultural exchange activities between the two countries. Photo: Tran Thi Chang

Talking about the development of the Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association (MVFA) after more than a year of establishment, Tran Thi Chang, president of MVFA, expressed her pride when the Vietnamese community is increasingly connected and affirming their position in the host country.

As the person who advocated for the establishment of the Vietnamese Liaison Committee in Malaysia, then the Vietnamese Women’s Association in Malaysia, and now the Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association (MVFA), is this a new step in developing association activities of the Vietnamese community?

MVFA’s establishment by the Malaysian Ministry of Home Affairs is an important step to legitimize the activities of the Vietnamese community in Malaysia, creating conditions for people-to-people exchanges to increasingly develop, contributing to promoting relations between the two countries.

The Association’s activities aim to promote and deepen the cooperative relationship between the people of the two countries, between agencies and organizations of Vietnam and Malaysia, enhancing relations in the political, economic and socio-cultural fields.

They strengthen mutual visits to exchange initiatives and implement projects that benefit the people of both countries, supporting Vietnamese people to comply with the laws of the host country, as well as protecting their legitimate rights and interests.

As an organization representing the Vietnamese community in Malaysia, we are also a bridge between the community and the Vietnamese Embassy, encouraging members to preserve and maintain traditions and national cultural identity in Malaysia and work towards the homeland and country.

What outstanding activities does the Association have to attract members’ participation?

Currently, the Association has about 200 Vietnamese and Malaysian members with a team of advisors including many great Malaysian intellectuals.

We organized events on the occasion of major events of Vietnamese people in Malaysia such as Tet holiday, Hung Kings’ Commemoration Day, International Women’s Day March 8, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Vietnamese Women’s Day.

We promoted culture, tourism, and Vietnamese cuisine, and organized free medical examinations for the community.

With the permission of the Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia and the support of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, we organized the MVFA Concert to serve the Vietnamese community.

This is a completely free program, an attractive and interesting event that the Association wants to bring to all members of the community, helping them put aside the chaos of life, enjoy, and relax after hard working days.

Does the Association have a plan to promote Vietnamese products in Malaysia and accompany Vietnamese businesses to seek opportunities to develop goods here?

MVFA brings together many members working in different fields and industries, including Malaysian and Vietnamese businessmen.

With the rich economic, cultural, and tourism potential of Malaysia and Vietnam, we want to accompany ministries, branches, and businesses as well as the Embassies of the two countries to promote the image of the country, people, Vietnamese products, and goods in Malaysia.

On October 31, at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center (MITEC), MVFA and the ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), the organizer of the Malaysia-ASEAN International Trade Expo (MASTEX 2024) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to promote cooperation between Malaysia and Vietnam in the fields of culture, tourism and trade.

MASTEX 2024 is scheduled to take place from January 23-26, 2024 at MITEC, organized by ACCI, focusing on fields such as food and beverages, tourism, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing machinery, agriculture, and finance.

MASTEX 2024 is an important platform for businesses in ASEAN member countries to strengthen trade relationships.

Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association Strengthens Overseas Vietnamese Community
MVFA members in community activities.

The Party and State are promoting the attraction of overseas Vietnamese resources to develop the country. As a typical Vietnamese who participates in associations, what thoughts and aspirations do you have to contribute to the homeland?

I appreciate the Party and State’s policy of attracting overseas Vietnamese resources to develop the country.

Currently, the number of overseas Vietnamese in highly educated countries is quite large.

Many people want and are willing to contribute to the homeland. However, there needs to be specific policies to encourage these people to contribute their intelligence and invest.

Besides, the State needs to have policies to retain young intellectuals in Vietnam, avoiding brain drain.

I, currently working at the National Heart Institute of Malaysia, always hope that Vietnam’s health care system will improve, and medical doctors’ qualifications will increase, helping patients ease their hardships.

For that reason, I became a bridge connecting the cardiovascular field of the National Heart Institute of Malaysia with Vietnam.

In addition, I also help connect Vietnamese doctors to Malaysia to practice and improve their skills as well as help Vietnamese patients go to Malaysia for medical examination and treatment.

Rosie Nguyen