[Lunar New Year] Captivating Moments of Celebration Worldwide

Vietnam, China, Malaysia, and countless other communities across the globe are embracing the festive and vibrant ambiance as they greet the arrival of the auspicious Year of the Dragon.

Unique lantern display space in Hebei, China. Photo: XINHUA
A family enjoys a warm atmosphere in a sparkling colorful space in Guizhou, China. Photo: XINHUA
A lantern shaped like a dragon boat in Selangor, Malaysia. Photo: XINHUA
People visit the lantern display area before the New Year of the Dragon. Photo: XINHUA
The lion dance team performs during the media launch for the Sydney Moon Festival event in Chinatown in Sydney, Australia. Photo: XINHUA
A family boards a train at Seoul station, South Korea, to return to their homeland. Photo: YONHAP
New Zealand Post has published the Year of the Dragon stamp set to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Photo: XINHUA
Students in Amman, Jordan try lion dancing during a cultural event to celebrate the Lunar New Year. Photo: XINHUA
Children perform to welcome the New Year of the Dragon in Chinatown in San Francisco, USA. Photo: XINHUA
Children are excited about the dragon dance performance in San Francisco, USA. Photo: XINHUA
People watch the lion dance performance on Champs Elysee Avenue, Paris, France. Photo: XINHUA
Dragon dance at the National Center for the Arts (CENART) in Mexico City, Mexico. Photo: XINHUA
A happy family enjoys blossom flowers during spring. Photo: NHANDAN