Love in Korean-Vietnamese Families: A Celebration of Unique Roots

In the final days of February, Vietnamese multicultural families of the second generation were given the chance to deeply engage with Korean culture.


The Korean-Vietnamese Family Association organized the program to promote national pride and preserve the Vietnamese-Korean cultural identity. Participants had the opportunity to experience Korean culture in Seoul and other areas of the Republic of Korea (RoK) and connect with friends of the same age and children of Korean-Vietnamese families living in RoK.

After returning to Vietnam from the program, Ha Thu Huong and her two children still feel emotional when talking about their experience in RoK. Her 8th-grade son and 5th-grade daughter are especially excited about the beautiful memories they made during the trip.

Huong is married to a Korean national who works for an electronics company with a factory in Vietnam. Her family currently resides in Hanoi. Every year, they try to make time to visit Seoul and their grandparents. However, this program organized by the Korean-Vietnamese Family Association was the first opportunity for her children to attend and learn about Korean culture.

During the trip, Huong’s children had real-life experiences and learned about the local people, natural features, heritage, and history of each place they visited.

Korean-Vietnamese families living in Vietnam learned how to play Korean traditional musical instruments. (Photo: Thoi Dai)

According to Huong, the trip provided her children with a deeper understanding and knowledge of Korean culture, nurturing their love for both Vietnam and Korea.

The program was sponsored by the Tourism Council of three districts: Yeongdong in North Chungcheong Province, Geumsan in South Chungcheong Province, and Muju in Jeolbuk Province. During the 4-day trip, 14 students, who are children of Korean-Vietnamese families living in Vietnam, visited various cultural destinations in Seoul and tourist areas in the three provinces.

The participants were excited to visit Canh Phuc Palace, the Green House of the Presidential Palace, and the National Museum. They also had the opportunity to interact with leaders of the Overseas Korean Agency and the Vietnamese Embassy in RoK. Other activities included visits to Everland Entertainment Center, the Hongdae neighborhood, art performances, taekwondo demonstrations, skiing, Deogyusan cable car, Cheongokak (the world’s largest drum), Yeongdong wine village, ginseng display house, and learning to play traditional musical instruments.

The Korean-Vietnamese Family Association in Vietnam, through the program, aims to bridge the cultural gap between the second generation of Korean-Vietnamese families and connect the friendship between the two countries. By embracing their Korean and Vietnamese heritage, the younger generation plays a significant role in preserving the traditional beauties of both nations. The Association plans to develop more effective programs based on the feedback and experiences gained from this trip.

Participants visited the headquarters and interacted with leaders and officials of the Overseas Korean Agency. (Photo: Yonhap News)

KBS quoted Lee Ki-cheol from the Overseas Korean Agency, emphasizing the importance of creating a link between the young Korean generation, children from multicultural families, and their homeland. The agency is working on projects such as training programs for teenagers and students to foster national identity, supporting Korean schools, and providing scholarships for overseas Koreans.

Lee urged active participation from children of multicultural Korean families worldwide, as they are direct beneficiaries of the Government’s projects and policies for overseas Koreans.

The Korean-Vietnamese Family Association is an organization comprised of more than 4,000 Korean-Vietnamese multicultural families. The Association organizes various projects, including visits to RoK for its member families.
Tracy Dao