Recollecting: 30 Years of Vietnam-Republic of Korea Relations

In 2022, Vietnam and RoK announced the upgrade of their ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership, opening up a new chapter for bilateral friendship and cooperation

At the exhibition. Photo: VNA
At the exhibition. Photos: VNA

A photo exhibition titled “30 years of Vietnam- Republic of Korea cooperation” was co-organized by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) and the Yonhap News Agency of the Republic of Korea (RoK). The exhibition opened in Hanoi on December 14 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Vietnam and the RoK.

The 8-day event, organized by VNA, is designed to celebrate the elevation of the ties between the two countries to a comprehensive strategic partnership. It showcases a collection of 60 file photos that highlight the partnership between the two nations in a range of areas including politics-foreign affairs, security-defence, economy, trade, investment, education, science-technology, and people-to-people exchange.

The exhibition showcases the significant achievements and historical moments of the Vietnam-United States bilateral relationship over the past thirty years. In her opening remarks, VNA General Director Vu Viet Trang emphasized that the exhibition provides a comprehensive reflection of the outcomes of this cooperation.

It is also a testament to the effective professional cooperation between the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) and Yonhap, which significantly contributes to enhancing friendship and understanding between the two nations. This collaboration is based on shared interests and similarities in history and traditional culture. Trang emphasized this during her remarks.

She expressed her belief that the images on display will give the public a unique understanding of the historical and close relationship between Vietnam and the Republic of Korea. These images showcase outstanding events, achievements, and the significant contributions that the peoples and businesses of both countries have made to social and economic development.

The exhibition attracts many Vietnamese and Korean people.
The exhibition attracts many Vietnamese and Korean people.

The President and CEO of Yonhap, Seong Ghi-hong, has announced that the photo exhibition will be a standout event among a series of activities co-organised by the two news agencies to commemorate the founding anniversary of Vietnam – Republic of Korea diplomatic ties.

The imprints reviewed through the photos displayed at the exhibition can be seen as a catalyst to strengthen the bilateral relationship and promote future cooperation, emphasized the speaker.

The bilateral relations between Vietnam and South Korea have made significant progress in various aspects including politics, economy, culture, society, and education. Particularly, South Korea has emerged as one of Vietnam’s major economic partners, particularly in areas such as direct investment, development cooperation, labor, tourism, and trade.

Photos of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s recently concluded State visit to the RoK.
Photos of President Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s recently concluded State visit to the RoK, displayed at the exhibition.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc’s State visit to the Republic of Korea (RoK) marks a significant milestone in the 30-year diplomatic relationship between the two countries. It is the highest-level trip by a Party and State leader of Vietnam to the RoK since President Yoon Suk-yeol assumed office. President Phuc’s visit also holds the distinction of being the first State-level welcome extended by President Yoon to a foreign leader since his presidency began.

Minister Son spoke to the media on December 7, terming the visit from December 4 to 6 as a resounding success.

During the visit, the most notable achievement was the elevation of the countries’ ties to a comprehensive strategic partnership, symbolized by a joint statement issued by the two leaders. This upgrade signifies a significant milestone in the development of stronger and more substantial bilateral relations between the two nations.

Photo exhibition spotlighting Vietnam- RoK relations underway in Hanoi
The photo exhibition spotlighting Vietnam- RoK relations underway in Hanoi.
Photos feature Viet Nam, RoK strengthen cultural, sports and tourism links
Photos feature Vietnam – RoK cultural, sports and tourism links.
The bilateral relations have recorded important achievements in almost all fields - politics, economy, culture, society, and education.
There are over 216,000 Vietnamese people in the RoK with 65,000 multicultural families. The RoK also records a community of more than 180,000 in Vietnam.

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc expressed appreciation for the collaboration between VNA and the Republic of Korea’s Yonhap News Agency during a meeting with Yonhap President and CEO Seong Ghi-hong in Hanoi on December 14.

According to the spokesperson, he mentioned that the visit by Seong is a dedicated effort towards actualizing the comprehensive strategic partnership recently established by the leaders of both nations.

Seong expressed his intention to enhance the level of cooperation between Yonhap and VNA during his visit, with the goal of further strengthening the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two nations.

During the Vietnamese leader’s visit to the Republic of Korea, Yonhap dedicated a significant number of editors and reporters to providing coverage. The Yonhap representative expressed admiration for President Phuc’s meetings with Korean friendship associations and the general public during the visit.

The guest expressed confidence that President Phuc’s visit will lead to a wave of Korean firms exploring business prospects in Vietnam.

Hannah Nguyen