Lantern Gate Illuminated to Honor 50th Anniversary of Japan-Vietnam Diplomatic Relations

The Lantern Gate Lighting Ceremony, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Vietnam, took place in Hoi An on December 11th.

Delegates gathered for a group photo at the lantern gate to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Vietnam.

The event was organized to mark the end of the 50th anniversary year. It attracted the attention and support of local residents and international tourists, many of whom arrived early to witness the lighting of the lantern gate.

The delegates pressed the button to illuminate the gate.

Vietnam and Japan share many cultural and societal similarities. Lantern making is a cherished traditional art form in both countries.

Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam, Yamada Takio, at the event.

The lantern gate, featuring Hoi An and Japanese lanterns, is located near the Japanese Bridge (Chua Cau) in Hoi An, symbolizing the enduring history of the bilateral relations.

Amy Mai Nguyen