Korean Language School Hana Holds Free Language Exchange Event

On Saturday, 19th August 2023, Hana Korean, part of the renowned Crystal Learning group of language schools in Singapore, is hosting a language exchange event from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to join, and admission is absolutely free of charge, regardless of whether or not you are a student.


The language exchange event will be hosted at Hana Korean Language School located at 20 Kramat Lane #05-05, Singapore 228773.

Attendees at the event will have the opportunity to engage in practical language use, regardless of their proficiency level in the Korean language. The event will be facilitated by an experienced Korean teacher from Hana Language Center, ensuring a high-quality learning experience for all participants. From beginners who are just starting to learn basic greetings to fluent speakers who can have in-depth discussions about Korean dramas, there will be a wide range of proficiency levels represented at the event. To create an immersive cultural experience, light Korean refreshments will be provided. The event has a limited capacity of 50 participants, which guarantees an interactive and intimate setting. While pre-registration is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to secure a spot at this highly anticipated event.

Hana Korean’s founder, Candy Lee, highlights the significance of hosting this physical gathering. “Many of our students regularly participate in live Zoom classes and find it highly effective. However, we believe that there is immense value in connecting in person occasionally, which prompted us to extend this opportunity to everyone.”

Crystal Learning is planning to open their doors to the general public for regular language exchanges in the near future. According to co-founder Alex Lim, they believe that language serves as a bridge that connects cultures. The organization aims to contribute towards building a better world by helping more individuals gain at least a basic understanding of a new language.

The Popularity of Korean Language in Singapore

Korean language is gaining popularity as a third language in Singapore. Crystal Learning, a renowned language institute that specializes in Asian languages and English, has observed the growing success of Hana Korean, its Korean language school. Hana Korean ranks third in terms of student enrollment, after its Chinese and English language schools.

One clear factor contributing to the widespread popularity of the Korean language in Singapore is the influence of Korean pop culture. A significant number of students at Hana Korean are passionate about K-pop and K-drama, making it a key motivating factor in their desire to learn the language.

The common enthusiasm for Korean culture often leads Korean learners to form tight-knit groups, forge friendships, and sustain their language learning for a longer period compared to learners of other languages.

In addition to language courses, Singapore has experienced a rise in the establishment of Korea-themed courses that specialize in Korean cooking, dance, and make-up.

Korean is a beginner-friendly language that can be easily learned. Historically, Koreans used classical Chinese characters for writing. However, in the 15th century, the hangul writing system was introduced to simplify the language and improve literacy rates, particularly among the less privileged. Moreover, the basics of spoken Korean can be acquired relatively quickly, allowing beginners to engage in conversations with ease.

When it comes to learning a new language, many people focus heavily on grammar rules and vocabulary memorization. While these aspects are important, they should not overshadow the significance of conversation practice. Speaking and understanding a language in a natural setting is essential for fluency and effective communication.

At Hana Korean, we understand that language learning goes beyond simply memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary. We believe that the most rewarding learning experiences come from authentic conversations. That is why we prioritize conversation in our classes, ensuring that each group has a maximum of 8 students, whether they are attending in-person or via Zoom.

About Hana Korean and Crystal Learning

Crystal Learning is a distinguished network of language schools, each specializing in a specific language. With its founding in 2012 as Yi Mandarin, the organization has since diversified and now offers a wide range of languages, including English Express, IndoSlang, Hana Korean, Taiyo Japanese, Sawadee Thai, and Vietnoi Vietnamese. Our expert instructors are committed to providing exceptional language education and fostering a culturally immersive learning experience for students of all levels.

Our lessons are conducted in small groups of no more than 8 participants per session. You can choose to join us either in person at our Orchard centre or in our live Zoom sessions. Our main aim is to foster language learners’ ability to speak in a foreign language as soon as possible and instill a love for continuous learning.

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