Inviolate World Tour: Steve Vai Sets Ho Chi Minh City on Fire

Steve Vai's Inviolate World Tour begins in Vietnam, marking the first destination in Southeast Asia.


American guitarist Steve Vai (Steven Siro Vai) performed brilliantly in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on October 19 evening as part of his Inviolate World Tour, receiving thunderous applause from spectators, reported VOV.

The fully-packed Nguyen Du Indoor Stadium was enthusiastically entertained by famous songs performed by Vai, a three-time Grammy Award winner, and his colleagues.

Steve Vai steals Inviolate World Tour show in HCM City
American guitarist Steve Vai and his Hydra guitar. Photo: Whammy Bar Session

They were really impressed with Vai’s Hydra guitar which is a multi-functional instrument with two-headstocks, three-necks that hosts 7 and 12-string guitars; a 4-string ¾ scale length bass; 13 sympathetic harp strings; half-fretless necks; single-coil, humbucking, piezo, MIDI and sustainer pickups; floating and hardtail tremolo bridges and phase splitters.

This is the first performance in Vietnam for the 63-year-old American guitarist, marking 45 years of his music career and promoting his album Inviolate. Vietnam is the first stop in Southeast Asia as part of his Inviolate World Tour.

Vai, 63, is an American guitarist, songwriter, and producer. He has been nominated for 15 Grammy Awards and has won the honor three times.

He started his music career in 1978, embarked on a solo career in 1983, and has released eight solo albums to date.

His most successful release, Passion and Warfare (1990), was described as ‘the richest and best hard rock guitar-virtuoso album of the ’80s’. He was voted the 10th Greatest Guitarist by Guitar World magazine and has sold over 15 million records.

Steve Vai steals Inviolate World Tour show in HCM City
Photo: Whammy Bar Session

Steve Vai is one of the stars on the list of famous international artists who will perform in Vietnam this year, affirming Vietnam’s appeal as an impressive destination for global tours.

“I think this will promote great cultural exchange both with the artists and the places they go to. Of course for the audiences there – they will have the opportunity to enjoy authentic music from different cultures. For artists, they will experience the special things of the culture where they perform. That’s why I love to tour in many places, to wonderful lands. And for me, Vietnam is one of the wonderful places I have to visit,” Steve Vai told VTV News.

Hannah Nguyen