Introduction of 100 Bilingual Picture Books for Vietnamese Children in Japan

From October 14 to 22, the Japanese Embassy in Hanoi is exhibiting 100 Ehon comics, featuring both their original Japanese versions and Vietnamese translations.


During the press conference on October 14, Kamitani Naoko, First Secretary and Head of the Press and Culture Department at the Embassy of Japan to Vietnam, announced the launch of Ehon Week. This event consists of various book introductions and reading activities for children and their parents.

Ehon Week is organized in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Japan (September 21, 1973 – September 21, 2023). It is organized by the Bac Cau Foundation with the support of the Japanese Embassy and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam.

Kamitani Naoko described “Ehon” as illustrated short stories designed for preschool children or those under 10 years old. Ehon is known to be nourishment for children’s souls.

100 Bilingual Ehon Comics Introduced to Vietnamese Children in Japan
An event introducing books held during Ehon Week, taking place from October 14-22 in Hanoi.

“Ehon is extremely popular among Japanese children. The process of reading Ehon together with parents and engaging in conversations stimulates creativity, emotional connection, and evokes wonderful emotions. Personally, Ehon has opened up a new and fascinating world to me, and I am grateful for the values it brings. Now, I want to share those things with Vietnamese children,” stated Kamitani Naoko.

The exhibition of 100 Ehon books for different age groups aims to provide readers with a clear comparison and perspective on the world of children’s books. It also encourages children to develop a habit of reading books and urges parents to carefully select and read books with their children.

The Organizing Committee emphasizes that building a reading generation requires time, effort, persistence, and the consensus of the entire society. Reading books to children from an early age is crucial. With this message, Ehon Week serves as a highlight in the Vietnam-Japan anniversary year.

Valerie Mai