Introducing Vietnamese Products to Kuwait’s Market

Ambassador Ngo Toan Thang of Vietnam had a meeting with the executives of City Center supermarket chain to explore opportunities for promoting Vietnamese products.


Vietnamese Ambassador to Kuwait, Ngo Toan Thang, met with the leaders of City Center supermarket chain on February 4. City Center is one of the leading supermarket chains in Kuwait and aims to access goods from Vietnam.

The Ambassador was welcomed by Adel Y. Al-Ghanim, chairman of Alghanim Sons, the parent group, and Jasim Y. Al-Ghanim, CEO of City Center supermarket chain.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Kuwait Ngo Toan Thang looks at City Center’s products. Source: World & Vietnam newspaper

The City Center supermarket chain was established in 1999 and has a system of hypermarkets, supermarkets, and convenience stores. The largest store covers over 20,000 sqm and City Center currently owns 16 large supermarkets in Kuwait. They are also expanding their influence into the Iraqi market, establishing a strategic presence in the country.

During the meeting, the diplomat visited City Center and listened to Adel and Jasim Y. Al-Ghanim share information about the commodity system and current business activities at the supermarket chain.

City Center is currently looking to expand its goods system by sourcing products from Asian countries, including Vietnam. Some Vietnamese food products, such as coconuts and lemons, have already been introduced in the City Center supermarket system.

From left to right: Jasim Y. Al-Ghanim, Ambassador Ngo Toan Thang, and Adel Y. Al-Ghanim. Source: World & Vietnam newspaper

Ambassador Ngo Toan Thang emphasized the effective and stable trade activities between Vietnam and Kuwait in recent years, which has created a positive reputation for Vietnamese products among businesses in Kuwait. He expressed confidence that City Center will benefit from sourcing strong Vietnamese products such as seafood, vegetables, fruits, clothing, and electronic devices, thereby ensuring a steady supply for the people of Kuwait.

Adel Y. Al-Ghanim, chairman of Alghanim Sons Group, acknowledged the long history of Vietnam-Kuwait relations as an important factor in City Center’s decision to choose Vietnam as one of their future import channels. He hopes that in the near future, the City Center system will have the opportunity to introduce more Vietnamese products to the people of Kuwait.

Hannah Nguyen