International Kids Have Fun With Mid-Autumn Celebrations

In celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a variety of activities were hosted to bring delight to Vietnamese children living overseas. This year's festival occurred on September 29th.


The Consulate General of Vietnam in Fukuoka coordinated with the Association of Vietnamese in Fukuoka (AVF) and the Vietnamese Association in Kitakyushu to organize the event “Mid-Autumn Festival – Fukuoka Reunion Festival 2023” and “Full Moon Festival” for Vietnamese children in the cities of Fukuoka and Kitakyushu, Japan.

Hundreds of young people in the ages of teenagers and children joined Vietnamese and Vietnamese – Japanese families to have fun and directly participate in Vietnamese folk games and enjoy the Full Moon feast.

Children Enjoy Mid-Autumn Activities Abroad
At the “Mid-Autumn Festival – Fukuoka Reunion Festival 2023” at GAG Japanese Language Academy.

Attending the “Mid-Autumn Festival – Fukuoka Reunion Festival 2023” at GAG Japanese Language Academy and “Full Moon Festival” at Murasaki Water Park, Kitakyushu, were officials of Consulate General of Vietnam, along with all teachers, parents, and students of the Vietnamese language class, and more than 300 children and parents are living, studying and working in Kitaksyu.

The AVF and the Vietnamese Association in Kitakyushu together with children have prepared many special musical performances and many interesting games such as learning about mid-autumn customs, lion dancing, and five-fruit tray decorations, flower picking, star lantern procession, word-catching puzzles, thereby helping Vietnamese and Japanese-Vietnamese children born and raised in Japan understand more about customs, the traditional cultural beauty of Vietnam.

Speaking at the above two events, Consul General Vu Chi Mai welcomed and appreciated the initiative and preparation of the AVF Association and the Vietnamese Association in Kitakyushu for organizing a very meaningful activity for second-generation of Vietnamese in Japan.

Children Enjoy Mid-Autumn Activities Abroad
The Mid-Autumn Festival season always has lion and dragon dance performers.

This healthy and useful playground not only helps Vietnamese children of Vietnamese origin better understand the nation’s cultural traditions but also contributes to arousing feelings of community and national cohesion, at the same time this event also helps local people better understand the unique culture of the Vietnamese people, thereby helping to strengthen cultural exchanges between the people of the two countries.

Mai affirmed that the Consulate General always accompanies and is ready to support community activities and expressed her wish that the AVF and the Vietnamese Association in Kitakyushu continue to have more useful activities, creating an environment to exchange and connect generations and families living, working, and studying in Japan, thereby preserving Vietnamese language for children and preserving national cultural identity.

Meanwhile, the Association of Vietnamese People in Vientiane, Laos, and the Liaison Committee of the Vietnamese Community in Singapore recently held Mid-Autumn Festivals for Vietnamese children living in the host countries.

Hannah Nguyen