International 7-A-Side Soccer Tournament in Hanoi This Week

The international seven-a-side football tournament is set to start on January 11th, featuring 4 teams from Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia.


The international seven-a-side football tournament is set to kick off on January 11 in Hanoi, following its success in previous tournaments. According to VNS, the Wika Cup tournament will feature four teams: Nongpookao x Nongpoothan from Thailand, Kickerz from Malaysia, and two Vietnamese champions, Dai Tu and Hieu Hoa – Quahaco.

The teams will compete in a round robin format, and the team with the most points will be crowned champion. The tournament aims to raise the level of 7-a-side football in Vietnam and internationally, while also creating sustainable values for the community.

The tournament will be held at the Hoang Mai District’s Culture, Information and Sports Centre, with the opening match between Nongpookao x Nongpoothan and Kickerz. The final round matches will take place on January 14.

The organizing committee expressed their gratitude to all partners who supported the event, especially Wika Sports. Head of the organizing committee, Pham Ngoc Tuan, believes that seven-a-side football will continue to grow in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and Asia, becoming a source of national pride.

The tournament is expected to attract a large number of supporters, just like the first edition held in 2022. Dai Tu and Hieu Hoa – Quahaco are considered to be the strongest teams in Vietnam, while Nongpookao x Nongpoothan and Kickerz have demonstrated their prowess in their respective leagues.

The tournament not only provides an opportunity for football teams in Southeast Asia to compete and interact but also showcases Vietnam’s football culture to the region and the world.

The tournament has attracted thousands of fans to the stadium and garnered attention from viewers via TV and other platforms. The growing support for seven-a-side football shows the public’s care for the sport and will contribute to its development in Vietnam.

Le Hong Linh, representative of Wika Sports, expressed their commitment to developing football in Vietnam. They hope to make the tournament an annual event that brings value to the community.

Hannah Nguyen