India’s permanent UNSC seat: UNGA President recognizes India as a mature and respected UN member

Acknowledging India's substantial contribution to the United Nations and its potential to acquire a permanent seat on the Security Council, Dennis Francis, President of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly, highlights the council's outdated structure and its inefficiency in making critical decisions, often influenced by geopolitical factors and the exercise of veto power.

President of the UN General Assembly Dennis Francis

The President of the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly, Dennis Francis, has recognized the significant role India plays in the United Nations. He described India as a “mature, highly respected member” and a leader in various aspects.

Francis also expressed optimism about India’s potential to secure a permanent seat on the Security Council, acknowledging the nation’s credibility and influence within the General Assembly.

These statements were made by Francis during a press conference in the national capital on Wednesday. He was questioned about the absence of the world’s largest democracy from the security council.

Francis expressed concerns about the outdated structure of the Security Council and its failure to reflect the current geopolitical realities.

“The Security Council of the UN as it currently exists refers to a period in world history that is no longer relevant. Since then, the world has changed dramatically,” said Francis, highlighting the council’s inability to make crucial decisions for international peace and security, often due to geopolitical influences leading to the use of the veto.

“The fact is that the council has, in recent years, been progressively unable to make the necessary decisions to strengthen international peace and security, largely due to geopolitical reasons. The geopolitics and global dynamics get brought into the council, resulting in the use of the veto by one or more parties,” he added.

Regarding India’s inclusion in the UNSC, the President said, “India is a mature, highly respected member of the United Nations. It is a leader in many ways. And I’m sure the members of the General Assembly recognize that fact.”

“So, I wish the government and people of India every success in their pursuit of permanent membership on the council. Whether that happens or not will be determined by the members,” he also stated.

India has long been seeking a permanent seat on the Security Council to better represent the interests of the developing world. The nation’s campaign has gained momentum with support from influential figures like Dennis Francis, who believes in India’s ability to contribute positively to global peace and security.

India has served as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for eight terms (16 years). The country is a member of the G4, a group of nations advocating for each other’s permanent membership in the UNSC and reform within the Council.

During his visit to France in July 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi strongly advocated for India’s permanent membership in the UN Security Council. He stated that the primary UN body cannot claim to represent the world without including its most populous country and largest democracy as a permanent member. (ANI)

Tarah Nguyen