Vietnamese Embassy in India Holds Meeting with Vietnamese Living Abroad

The ambassador reaffirmed that the Party and State always prioritize taking care of and supporting Overseas Vietnamese (OVs), particularly in the most challenging areas, encouraging them to return to their homeland and providing them with the necessary conditions to do so. Additionally, they are investing in production and business, ultimately contributing to the development and protection of the Fatherland.

Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai. Photo: TG&VN
Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai. Photo: TG&VN

The Vietnamese Embassy in India held an online meeting with representatives of the Vietnamese communities in India and Nepal on April 1, as reported by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on Sunday.

In his remarks, Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai underlined the fact that the Vietnamese Party and State always consider overseas Vietnamese an integral part of the nation and an invaluable resource for national construction, development, and defense. He emphasized that these policies recognize the unique contributions of these individuals to the prosperity of the country.

The Party and State of Vietnam always encourage Vietnamese citizens abroad to come back and invest in business and production at home, thereby contributing to the country’s construction and defense, the official noted.

The esteemed diplomat provided an informative briefing to the Overseas Vietnamese (OVs) about the current state of their homeland and the progress of the Vietnam-India comprehensive strategic partnership.

Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy at the New Delhi bridge point.
Ambassador Nguyen Thanh Hai and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy at New Delhi bridge point. Photo: TG&VN

Representatives of the Vietnamese communities expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the Embassy for organizing a friendly meeting, providing a platform for people to connect and share their life situations and recommendations with the Vietnamese representative missions in India. They reported that the life of Vietnamese people in India and Nepal is generally stable; they often communicate in Vietnamese and are raising their children in their native language.

They proposed detailed recommendations to bolster student engagement in India, establishing conducive conditions for tourism and travel between Vietnam and India; as well as solutions facilitating payment between the two countries, and expressed their hope that the Party and State will increase their focus on exporting Vietnamese farming and aquatic products to India.

Hai highly praised the unity of the Overseas Vietnamese and encouraged them to remain committed to preserving the Vietnamese language for future generations.

Emphasizing that the work for Vietnamese in India and Nepal has been, is, and will continue to be the focus of the Vietnamese representative missions in India, the diplomat welcomes and responds to comments and suggestions of OVs.

From the moment diplomatic relations were established in 1972, to the strategic partnership in 2007 and the comprehensive strategic partnership in 2016, the political-diplomatic relationship between the two countries has been steadily strengthened and grown, providing a strong foundation for collaboration in various fields.

The esteemed relationship between Vietnam and India was established by the late President Ho Chi Minh and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. This bond has been cherished and nurtured by subsequent generations of both countries’ leaders, who have engaged in various forms of diplomacy such as the exchange of high-level delegations and mutual support in multilateral and international forums.

The Vietnamese Embassy in India on April 1 held an online meeting with representatives of the Vietnamese communities in India and Nepal.
The Vietnamese Embassy in India held an online meeting with representatives of the Vietnamese communities in India and Nepal. Photo: VNA

By the end of 2021, two-way trade between India and Vietnam had reached a total of USD 13.2 billion and is expected to reach USD 20 billion in the near future. India is currently the 27th largest foreign investor out of 140 countries and territories investing in Vietnam, with more than 300 projects and a total registered investment capital of close to USD 1 billion.

The Vietnamese diaspora in India is only comprised of a few hundred individuals, with an estimated 100 living in Nepal.

Currently, Vietnamese people in India have reached the fourth generation, and many of them feel secure doing business in the host country. They have actively participated in business promotion activities, acting as a bridge to strengthen the economic and trade ties between the two countries.

The Vietnamese Association has been actively working to cultivate solidarity and provide mutual aid among the Vietnamese living in India and Nepal. By doing so, the organization has helped to create a strong and unified community for the people of these two countries.

Hannah Nguyen